• Mary Kathryn Ballinger

    Mary Kathryn Ballinger

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Carlin G Barmada

    Carlin G Barmada

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Lindsey Beall

    Lindsey Beall

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Margaret L Benson-McCarthy

    Margaret L Benson-McCarthy

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Troy A Bogino

    Troy A Bogino

    Adjunct Faculty

    Relationship development and resolution

  • Don M Boileau

    Don M Boileau

    Emeritus Faculty

    Public speaking, classroom communication, intercultural communication, communication theories, rhetorical criticism, parliamentary procedure

  • Carl Botan

    Carl Botan


    Strategic communication as it is used in both public relations and strategic and emergency communication

  • Ryan Bowerman

    Ryan Bowerman

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Critical Development studies, citizenship, biopolitics, globalization, immigration, migration, colonialism, postcolonialism

  • Melissa A. Broeckelman-Post

    Melissa A. Broeckelman-Post

    Basic Course Director

    Assistant Professor

    Instructional Communication, Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Research Methods, Communication Theory

  • Nathaniel S Brophy

    Nathaniel S Brophy

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Instructional Communication, Health Communication

  • Melissa N Bruce

    Melissa N Bruce

    Graduate Teaching Assistant



  • Hyle L Daley

    Hyle L Daley

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Kimberly Daniels

    Kimberly Daniels

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Media Effects, Health Communication, Body Image, Fat Talk, Negative Body Communication, Body Envy

  • Warren D Decker

    Warren D Decker

    Director of Debate


  • Yuxiang (Joshua) Du

    Yuxiang (Joshua) Du

    Strategic Communication, Public Relations, Public Diplomacy, Intercultural Communication, Organizational Communication, Identity and Communication, Inter-Generational Communication

  • Emilie Blake Dubert

    Emilie Blake Dubert


  • Ashley DuVal

    Ashley DuVal

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Cultural economy, power relations, nationalism, globalization






  • Barra Kahn

    Barra Kahn

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Richard J Kaye

    Richard J Kaye

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Sojung Claire Kim

    Sojung Claire Kim

    Assistant Professor

    Health and Environmental Communication, Digital and Social Media, Message Design and Evaluation with Eye Tracking Technology

  • Holly Lynne Kittle Klee

    Holly Lynne Kittle Klee

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Steve Klein

    Steve Klein

    Emeritus Faculty

    Cross-platform journalism, sports journalism, history of journalism

  • Lauren C Knapp
  • John Kotcher

    John Kotcher

    Assistant Professor

  • Gary L. Kreps

    Gary L. Kreps

    Professor,Director; Center for Health and Risk Communication

    Health communication/promotion, health equity, multicultural relations, social organizations, applied research methods, health informatics, communication campaigns, global health, and social change

  • George Charles Kueppers

    George Charles Kueppers

    Graduate Teaching Assistant




  • Paula F Nadler

    Paula F Nadler


  • Allister Virginia Nelson

    Allister Virginia Nelson

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Selena Maureen Nelson

    Selena Maureen Nelson

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Science Communication, Climate Change Communication, Severe Weather Communication, Risk Perception and Communication

  • Liza Ngenye

    Liza Ngenye

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Cynthia Nichols

    Cynthia Nichols

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Anne M. Nicotera

    Anne M. Nicotera



    Health communication, nursing communication, communicative/interactive constitution of organization, race and gender, diversity, and culture and organizations

  • Karin H Nordin

    Karin H Nordin

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Intimate Partner Violence, Forensics, Health Communication, Interpersonal Communication


  • Hyun-kyung Oh

    Hyun-kyung Oh

    political communication, intercultural communication, social media

  • Ayodeji E Otusanya

    Ayodeji E Otusanya

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Health Communication , Intercultural Communication,  Reproductive Health Communication, Gender studies, Race relations, African and African American Communication




  • Zana Sahyouni

    Zana Sahyouni

    Adjunct Faculty

    religion and culture; the Middle East; nationalist narratives; colonialism

  • Mallory Saleson

    Mallory Saleson

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Sergei A Samoilenko

    Sergei A Samoilenko


    Public Relations; Crisis Communication; Reputation Management; New Media.

  • Brittany Sanders

    Brittany Sanders

    Graduate Program Coordinator

  • Maryam Saroughi

    Maryam Saroughi

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Lance E Schmeidler

    Lance E Schmeidler


    Director, Hiring & Scheduling

  • Lane Marie Schwager

    Lane Marie Schwager

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Christian Reed Seiter

    Christian Reed Seiter

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Christian’s research interests include end-of-life healthcare communication, patient-provider relationships, and using theatre to teach clinical empathy skills to healthcare providers.

  • Michael Seium

    Michael Seium

    Mass communications, Professional soccer, sports, human interest stories, college soccer, athletics, cycling, African sports, immigrant athletes in the USA. Media, Sports media, broadcast media, Radio, TV, Newspaper, social media etc......

  • Jennifer R Shaskan

    Jennifer R Shaskan

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Rodger Smith

    Rodger Smith

    Instructor, Communication Minor Director; WGMU Faculty Advisor

    How the traditional television media program for their audiences and the competition they face for audience.

  • Anne Bennett Cook Smithson

    Anne Bennett Cook Smithson

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Syahgena Ardhila St. Onge

    Syahgena Ardhila St. Onge

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Health communication, reproductive health, media studies, gender and development, migration, higher education, Islamic world, Southeast Asia

  • James Steele

    James Steele

    Instructor, INTO Mason Communication Coordinator, Lambda Pi Eta, Assistant Faculty Advisor

  • Briana M. Stewart

    Briana M. Stewart

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Laura Stokes

    Laura Stokes

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Teacher professional development, psychology, developmental psychology, classroom quality

  • Marissa M Strang

    Marissa M Strang

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Angela Suarez

    Angela Suarez

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Peter A Susko
  • Kate Sweeney

    Kate Sweeney


    Journalism, nonfiction media production


  • Anita Taylor

    Anita Taylor

    Emeritus Faculty

    Communication and gender, public communication

  • Ashley C. Thomas

    Ashley C. Thomas

    Strategic Communication, Intercultural Communication, Religious Communication

  • Kristin M. F. Timm

    Kristin M. F. Timm

    science, environmental, and climate change communication; climate science and decision making; climate change adaptation and mitigation

  • Susan Tomasovic

    Susan Tomasovic

    Instructor, Lambda Pi Eta Faculty Advisor

    Public communication, performance studies, business communication

  • Xing Tong
  • Megan H. L. Tucker

    Megan H. L. Tucker

    Instructor, Undergraduate BA Director


  • James I Van Zummeren

    James I Van Zummeren

    Adjunct Faculty

    Executive speaking, relational communication, leader communication.

  • Beatriz A Vianna
  • Emily K. Vraga

    Emily K. Vraga

    Associate Professor

    new media; political communication; media effects; media literacy; health communication; science communication; selective exposure; misinformation;


  • Rebecca A Walter

    Rebecca A Walter


    whiteness, critical race theory, queer and feminist theories, Intersectionality and Multidimensionalities of Identities, Critical Pedagogy, and Media Literacy

  • Tyler Andrew Watkins
  • Abigail Weiss

    Abigail Weiss

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Christina Tyler Wenks

    Christina Tyler Wenks

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Phillip Wilbur

    Phillip Wilbur

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Kristen Leigh Willett

    Kristen Leigh Willett

    Adjunct Faculty

  • DavidMichael A Woodward

    DavidMichael A Woodward

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Catherine Wright

    Catherine Wright

    Undergraduate Advising Coordinator

    Associate Professor

    My interests lie in the uses and applications of technology in communication, especially in terms of how new innovations are shared with others, as well as how students apply these out of the classroom.

  • Kevin B Wright

    Kevin B Wright


    Health communication, social media and interpersonal relationships, life span communication, and interpersonal issues in health communication

  • Karen Wrightsman

    Karen Wrightsman

    Graduate Teaching Assistant



  • Xiaoquan Zhao

    Xiaoquan Zhao


    Health communication, persuasion, media effects, information seeking, tobacco prevention, and climate change communication