Communication is the study of basic human social processes: the creation and dissemination of meaning and information. The discipline prepares students for graduate study or professional positions in such fields as interpersonal and organizational communication, journalism, media production and criticism, political communication, and public relations. Students develop skills and knowledge that put them at the edge of a rapidly changing communication industry. Majors learn to construct and evaluate messages across platforms—web, print, audio and visual.

Our undergraduate Communication program includes a BA in Communication or minors in Communication, Journalism, Professional Experience in Communication, Political Communication, Photojournalism, Sports Communication, and Health Communication. 

Our graduate Communication program includes a Graduate Certificate in Science Communication, an MA in Communication, and a PhD in Communication. The MA in Communication offers four areas of focus: Strategic communication/public relations, Health communication, Science communication, and Individualized communication studies. The doctoral program in communication focuses on health and strategic communication.

We are also home to many active student organizations, including the nationally-recognized George Mason Forensics Team and the George Mason Debate Team.