Nader Hussein Chaaban

Nader Hussein Chaaban

Adjunct Faculty

Intercultural, Interpersonal, and Mass Communication

Dr. Nader. Chaaban is an adjunct professor in the the Communication Department at George Mason University.

Dr. Chaaban has authored a number of articles on various topics, including How to Work With Students With Disabilities.  He authored three Instructor's Manuals for different communication textbooks.  He recent book, From Lebanon to Africa and America: My Roots deals with his struggles in the U.S. as a foreign and how he finally became successful after completing his education goals. 

He desiged three online courses:  COMM301, COMM302, and COMM305.  Both Comm 302 and COMM305 are very popular among students.

Dr. Chaaban loves working with students, especially those who are new to the U.S.




 Dr. Chaaban received his BA and MAIS in Communication from George Mason University, Fairfax, VA.