Lia Zakiyyah

Lia Zakiyyah

Lia Zakiyyah

Graduate Research Assistant

Climate Change Communication; Social Identity; Collective Climate Actions; Climate Activism.

Lia is currently the Doctoral Presidential Scholar at the Communication Department at George Mason University, USA. She is a Graduate Research Assistant at Mason Centre for Climate Change Communication and a Graduate Teaching Assistant for a Fundamental Communication Course. Her research focus on social identity and collective climate actions.

She worked at the Office of the President’s Special Envoy for Climate Change Indonesia from 2015 to 2019. Her main role was to maintain relationship with various stakeholders and prepare a draft of policy recommendation for various institutions in the Indonesian government, mainly the President’s office.

She has been trained as a Climate Reality Leader at Climate Reality, an organization led by Hon. Al Gore, former US Vice President. She has been involved in various initiatives related to environment and climate change nationally and globally (including UNFCCC COPs meetings), representing Indonesian government or Climate Reality. She has given numerous lectures, trainings, and has engaged thousands of youth across Indonesia to be climate leaders in their own community.

She has a mission to contribute to solve climate crisis through better communication to the public, engaging young people to be more active politically to demand more climate actions from the government and companies. She loves to cook, spending time outdoor, playing drum and dancing salsa in her free time. Her former boss frequently introduced her as: “a dancer who talks about climate”.

Current Research

Social Identity and Collective Climate Actions in Indonesia

Selected Publications

Badullovich, N., Tucker, D., Amoako, R., Ansah, P., Davis, B., Horoszko, U., Zakiyyah, L., and Maibach, E. (2023). How Does Public Perception of Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Influence Support for Climate Action?. NPJ Climate Action.