BA in Communication

A bachelor’s degree in communication equals endless opportunities.  There is something unique and exciting that distinguishes us from other majors.  The communication degree at Mason allows students to explore and learn about what the field of communication has to offer and combines a rich study of how humans understand one another and work together, while providing immediately translatable skills and knowledge valued across industries.

Within the program, students gain access to an abundance of difference resources, are exposed to hands-on experiences through internships, class projects, and more, learning from industry professionals, and building a strong portfolio of work that future employers wouldn’t resist.  You will learn to create and manage public and media relations plans, craft social media campaigns, produce videos, write for news and entertainment media, produce television and radio programs, and more.

Because of Mason’s location, communication majors can take advantage of the opportunities offered by Washington DC and its metropolitan area. The area has one of the highest concentrations of media organizations in the country. Our students have worked at CNN, PBS, National Geographic, and the Washington Post. They intern for major public relations firms, at area non-profits and with major national sports organizations such as the Washington Football Team.

You will learn effective tools and techniques, how to select the best ones for each task, and how to analyze problems and develop creative solutions. Our majors distinguish themselves with skills and knowledge that put them at the edge of a rapidly changing communication industry. You will learn to create messages across platforms—web, print, audio and visual. To keep up with industry trends we work closely with a team of industry professionals—our Insight Committee—who advise on our curriculum, mentor our students, and provide internships that can become permanent positions.

Students in the major participate in a wide variety of co-curricular activities and student organizations hosted by the department, including Mason student media, the Society for Professional Journalists, the Public Relations Student Society of America, and Mason’s nationally ranked forensics and debate teams.

Students stand out from other candidates when it comes to different internships and jobs and are considered top candidates for those opportunities.  Graduating students earn entry-level positions in any communication field that allows the student to demonstrate the skills they acquired through the program.  This sets our major apart and allows students to begin their career journey in the right direction.

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All students have opportunities for research, global-engagement, public service, and career preparation.  You can become a part of #MasonCOMM by not only declaring your major, but also by participating in co-curricular activities and student organizations hosted by the department.  

We encourage you to find the ones that fit your goals.  Reach out to your professors, your academic advisor, or the organization’s liaison in order to learn more about these opportunities!

If you're interested in joining student media (television, radio, & newspaper), our nationally ranked debate and forensics, PRSSA, and our Insight Committee, learn how here >>

You can also learn more about #MasonCOMM's Internship program, the Honors in Comm program and how studying abroad can enrich your education.