Cindy Lont

Cindy Lont

Cindy Lont

Emeritus Faculty

Video-based production

Dr. Cindy Lont is a professor in Communication at George Mason University.

Dr. Lont received her AA from Cayuga County Community College, BA from State University of New York at Oswego, MA from Southern Illinois University and her PhD from University of Iowa. Her doctoral work focused on Mass Communication, Cultural Studies and Communication Theory and she wrote her dissertation titled "Between Rock and a Hard Place: Model of Subcultural Persistence." In Fall of 2007, George Mason University started the Film and Video Studies Program (FAVS), and Dr. Lont became the director. The program consists of 103 students and is a multi-disciplinary program in which students take courses from other departments such as Theater, English, Communication, History, and Foreign Language.

Lont was recently presented with the Gracie Award from the American Women of Radio and Television for Studio A with guest Caren Cross (2008). She was appointed the First Vice-President Select for the Eastern Communication Association (2008). What students may not know about Dr. Lont is that she helped Al Roker with his first demo reel for his first weather job while at SUNY at Oswego, and she is restoring an old (1879) Victorian house that has been in her family for years.

Selected Publications

Dr. Lont has recently published "A Content Analysis of U.S. Print in Rebecca Lind’s Race/Gender/Media: Considering Diversity Across Audiences, Content, and Producers" (2008) and has submitted an article for the Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Journalism titled "Race, Class and Sex on the front pages of Top Three Internet News Sites."

Courses Taught

COMM 100- Public Speaking

COMM 358 - Producing and Directing

COMM 399 - Marketing and Program in Cable

Dissertations Supervised

Jonathan Z. Long, Alphabet Soup: Social Cartography and Cultural Policy-Making in Societies of Control (2011)