All Faculty



  • Nicholas Badullovich

    Nicholas Badullovich

    Postdoctoral Fellow

    Climate change communication

  • Jameson Balda

    Jameson Balda

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Iccha Basnyat

    Iccha Basnyat

    Associate Professor

    Culture, gender and health; critical health communication; global health communication; health equity; South and South East Asia

  • Benjamin Biggs

    Benjamin Biggs

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Troy A Bogino

    Troy A Bogino

    Adjunct Faculty

    Relationship development and resolution

  • Don M Boileau

    Don M Boileau

    Emeritus Faculty

    Public speaking, classroom communication, intercultural communication, communication theories, rhetorical criticism, parliamentary procedure

  • Carl Botan

    Carl Botan


    Strategic communication as it is used in both public relations and strategic and emergency communication

  • Shelby E. Broberg

    Shelby E. Broberg


  • Melissa A. Broeckelman-Post

    Melissa A. Broeckelman-Post

    Basic Course Director


    Instructional Communication, Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Research Methods, Communication Theory

  • Nate S. Brophy

    Nate S. Brophy

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Instructional Communication, Health Communication

  • Eliza Blair Buckner

    Eliza Blair Buckner

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Barbara Burfeind

    Barbara Burfeind

    Adjunct Faculty

    Visual Communication; PR campaigns


  • Xiaomei Cai

    Xiaomei Cai

    Associate Chair

    Associate Professor,Undergraduate Honors Director

    Children and media; Media effects; online privacy

  • Hannah Elizabeth Call

    Hannah Elizabeth Call

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Joseph P. Campbell

    Joseph P. Campbell

    Adjunct Faculty

  • David S Carroll

    David S Carroll


  • Nader Hussein Chaaban

    Nader Hussein Chaaban

    Adjunct Faculty

    Intercultural, Interpersonal, and Mass Communication

  • Chris Clarke

    Chris Clarke

    Associate Professor

    health and environmental risk perception, communication. Director, Science Communication Graduate Program; Director, Ph.D. program

  • John Cook

    John Cook

    Assistant Professor

    Climate communication, cognitive science, psychology, misconception-based learning

  • Bruce D Cooke

    Bruce D Cooke

    Adjunct Faculty

    Digital Video Production & Post-Production; Film Studies

  • Richard T Craig

    Richard T Craig

    MA Program Director

    Media ownership, telecommunication/media policy, media political economy, media representation of marginialized groups (race,gender, religion, etc...), popular culture





  • Austin Gallas

    Austin Gallas

    Graduate Lecturer

    Police reform, public sexuality, undercover surveillance, sex work, New York City, social history, archives

  • Elizabeth Anne Gibson

    Elizabeth Anne Gibson

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Non-normative genders, the construction of gender, TV/film/media, the U.S. security state and queer bodies. Porn work in the gig economy.

  • Tim Gibson

    Tim Gibson

    Associate Professor

    Critical media studies, mass communication theory, and urban communication

  • Thalia R Goldstein

    Thalia R Goldstein

    Associate Professor

    Developmental Psychology; Social Cognitive Development; Social and Emotional Learning; Play, Pretend, Imagination; Theatre, Drama and The Arts

  • Robert Gould

    Robert Gould

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Noah M Graham

    Noah M Graham

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Rick Gray

    Rick Gray


  • Lisa Gring-Pemble

    Lisa Gring-Pemble

    Associate Professor

    Social impact, innovation, and entrepreneurship; Rhetorical criticism, argument, persuasion; Political communication and public policy

  • Salvador Guzman

    Salvador Guzman

    Adjunct Faculty

    Interpersonal Communication; Relational and Family Communication; Race Communication; Race and Ethnicity; Latina/o/x and Chicana/o/x Communication; Immigration and Parenthood




  • Sojung Claire Kim

    Sojung Claire Kim

    Associate Professor

    Health, Risk, and Crisis Communication, Emerging Media, Strategic Message Intervention Design and Evaluation, Misinformation Correction, Quantitative Research Methods, Eye Tracking Technology

  • Steve Klein

    Steve Klein

    Emeritus Faculty

    Cross-platform journalism, sports journalism, history of journalism

  • Kasey Knopp

    Kasey Knopp

    Adjunct Faculty

    Health Policy, Aging Research, Public Policy, STEM, Indigenous Studies, Medicare and Medicaid

  • Robert Koort

    Robert Koort

    Adjunct Faculty

  • John Kotcher

    John Kotcher

    Research Associate Professor

  • Gary L. Kreps

    Gary L. Kreps

    Distinguished University Professor, Director; Center for Health and Risk Communication

    Health communication/promotion, health equity, multicultural relations, social organization, applied research methods, health informatics, communication campaigns, global health, and social change

  • George Charles Kueppers

    George Charles Kueppers

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Health communication; political communication; interpersonal communication; social influence; persuasion; communication technologies


  • Farah Latif

    Farah Latif

    Adjunct Faculty

    Strategic Communication, Reputation Management, Political Communications, Social Media, and Leadership.

  • Teresa Ann Lawless

    Teresa Ann Lawless

    Research Associate Professor

  • Lynnette Grace Leonard

    Lynnette Grace Leonard

    Associate Professor

    * Persuasion, Rhetoric, & Social Influence, * Media Technology, Ethics, & Criticism

  • Samuel Robert Lichter

    Samuel Robert Lichter


    Political communications, political sociology, and health and risk communication

  • Cindy Lont

    Cindy Lont

    Emeritus Faculty

    Video-based production

  • Sara Looney

    Sara Looney

    Emeritus Faculty

  • Ian Terrell Lowery

    Ian Terrell Lowery


    Strategic Communication. Argumentation & Debate

  • Dawn M Lowry

    Dawn M Lowry


    Forensics, Film & Television, Peace Rhetoric, and First Amendment Issues.


  • Akila-Ka Ma'at (Jennifer R. Warren)

    Akila-Ka Ma'at (Jennifer R. Warren)

    Assistant Professor

    Black Women's Health: Maternal Mental and Perinatal Health, Tobacco/Nicotine Product Use, Infectious Disease, Health Seeking Behavior, Identity Negotiation in Health Contexts, Agency & Self-Determination, Community-Based Participatory Research

  • Edward Wile Maibach

    Edward Wile Maibach

    Distinguished University Professor

    Climate change communication, public health communication, social marketing

  • Taylor Mallory

    Taylor Mallory


  • Brenna Maloney

    Brenna Maloney


  • Andie S Malterud

    Andie S Malterud

    Graduate Lecturer

    Health Communication, E-cigarettes, Stigma, Instructional Communication, Health Education, Patient-Provider Communication, E-health

  • Bruce Manchester

    Bruce Manchester

    Emeritus Faculty

    Performance studies, media studies

  • Kathryn Mangus

    Kathryn Mangus


  • Nancy E Mantelli

    Nancy E Mantelli

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Mitchell E. Marovitz

    Mitchell E. Marovitz

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Jim J McAuley

    Jim J McAuley

    Emeritus Faculty

    Aging, health and long-term care

  • Clay McConnell

    Clay McConnell

    Adjunct Faculty

  • David J. Miller

    David J. Miller

    Instructor, Media Production & Criticism Concentration Coordinator, Director; Student Video Center

    Media production and criticism, Journalism, Distance Education, Instructional Design

  • Suzanne Lowery Mims

    Suzanne Lowery Mims

    Adjunct Faculty

    Social media and engagement, public relations, writing in the digital age.

  • Mark A Mitchell

    Mark A Mitchell

    Research Associate Professor

  • Cale Joseph Morrow

    Cale Joseph Morrow

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Yajie Mu
  • Star A. Muir

    Star A. Muir

    Associate Professor

    Rhetoric and technology, public communication, digital natives

  • Sammi Munson

    Sammi Munson

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Science Communication, Climate Change Communication, Communication Education, Instructional Communication


  • Paula F Nadler

    Paula F Nadler


  • Anne M. Nicotera

    Anne M. Nicotera


    Health communication, nursing communication, communicative/interactive constitution of organization, race and gender, diversity, and culture and organizations


  • Brandon C Parker

    Brandon C Parker

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Jackie Poapst

    Jackie Poapst

    Assistant Professor

    Critical legal communication; race, sexuality, gender and biopolitics; rhetoric and semiotics; queer and feminist theory

  • Jacob Powell

    Jacob Powell

    Adjunct Faculty



  • Sergei A. Samoilenko

    Sergei A. Samoilenko

    Assistant Professor

    strategic communication, reputation management, climate misinformation, crisis communication, political campaigns, public relations, post-socialist studies

  • Tatiana Sanina

    Tatiana Sanina

    Adjunct Faculty

    Media effects, persuasion, political communication, social media use, cognition, and attitude change.

  • Lance E Schmeidler

    Lance E Schmeidler

    Senior Instructor

    Director, Hiring & Scheduling

  • Abhis Sedhai

    Abhis Sedhai

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Dana Siller

    Dana Siller

    Adjunct Faculty

    Integrated Marketing Communications

  • Rodger Smith

    Rodger Smith

    Undergraduate Advising Coordinator

    Instructor, Communication Minor Director; WGMU Faculty Advisor

    How the traditional television media program for their audiences and competition they face for audience.

  • Angela Suarez

    Angela Suarez

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Anita Taylor

    Anita Taylor

    Emeritus Faculty

    Communication and gender, public communication

  • Kathryn Thier

    Kathryn Thier

    Postdoctoral Fellow

    solutions journalism, climate change communication, health communication, media effects

  • Susan Tomasovic

    Susan Tomasovic

    Instructor, Lambda Pi Eta Faculty Advisor

    Public communication, performance studies, business communication, student careers and internships, artificial intelligence

  • Meg H. L. Tucker

    Meg H. L. Tucker

    Associate Professor

    Interpersonal communication, organizational communication, identity, small group communication, social and digital media



  • Xiaoquan Zhao

    Xiaoquan Zhao


    Health communication, persuasion, media effects, information seeking, tobacco prevention, and climate change communication