Minors in Communication

Thinking about earning a minor? Read on!

Most students have room for some electives in their schedule. If you're one of those students, why not put those electives to good use and earn a minor?

A minor can complement your major, enhance your career preparation, allow you to develop a secondary area of expertise, or give you a chance to explore a passion.

Minors require between 15 and 21 credits, and all but 8 of those credits can be used simultaneously to fill other requirements. Meeting with your academic advisor will help you make sure you graduate on time!

George Mason University offers numerous minors, many related to majors. If you are having trouble choosing between two majors, consider majoring in one area and minoring in another.

The Department of Communication offers several minors that pair well with any major!  Whether you're looking to expand your Communication major or to strengthen your non-COMM major, you're in the right place to bring your education to the next level!

Minors Housed in the Dept. of Communication

  • Minor in Communication
    • If you're looking to enhance your major, a minor in Communication offers you a great skill set all employers seek.   

    • This minor is not available to communication majors.

  • Minor in Health Communication
    • Health communication, one of the fastest growing fields in the broader communication discipline, addresses how communication intersects with all aspects of health (social, mental, and physical).

  • Minor in Journalism
    • Journalism provides a cross-platform foundation with a focus on reporting, research techniques and writing style unique to online, print, broadcast, social media and database journalism.

    • This minor is not available to communication majors pursuing a concentration in journalism.

  • Minor in Political Communication
    • The interdisciplinary minor in political communication is offered jointly by the School of Policy and Government and the Department of Communication. This minor is available to all Mason undergraduate students with the exception of communication majors pursuing a concentration in political communication. 

    • Political communication explores the interaction among members of the public, the media, advocacy groups, and politicians in a democratic society. This minor uses a diverse approach to questions of how mass and interpersonal communication influence democratic functioning, including (1) how political actors use strategic messaging to persuade and mobilize the public, (2) how citizens make sense of these messages and their impact on engagement, deliberation, efficacy, knowledge, and participation, and (3) the role of the mass media in facilitating or hindering this relationship. Political communication includes explicitly political activities like voting and political campaigns. It also encompasses any issue of public debate or deliberation, including culture and social movements.

  • Minor in Professional Experience in Communication
    • For more information, please reach out to an advisor in the Department of Communication.
  • Minor in Sport Communication
    • The minor in sport communication offers students the opportunity to examine important and timely sports-related issues in an ethical context as well as analyze sports from cross-cultural perspectives. Students will gain an understanding of sport mass media, sport communication, sports reporting, interpersonal and organizational communication, and the impact each has in our global society. The courses cover theory and practice in cross-platform communication, sports ethics and theoretical underpinnings, public relations, and marketing. The minor provides applied fundamentals for students seeking employment in the commercial world of sports (areas such as management or promotion of athletic organizations) and in sports media.
    • This minor is offered jointly by the Department of Communication and the School of Recreation, Health, and Tourism in the College Education and Human Development

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