Minors in the Dept. of Communication

Thinking about earning a minor? Read on!

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Most students have room for some electives in their schedule. If you're one of those students, why not put those electives to good use and earn a minor?

A minor can complement your major, enhance your career preparation, allow you to develop a secondary area of expertise, or give you a chance to explore a passion.

Minors require between 15 and 21 credits, and all but 8 of those credits can be used simultaneously to fill other requirements. Meeting with your academic advisor will help you understand the requirements and will make sure you graduate on time!

George Mason University offers numerous minors, many related to majors. If you are having trouble choosing between two majors, consider majoring in one area and minoring in another.

The Department of Communication offers several minors that pair well with any major!  Whether you're looking to expand your Communication major or to strengthen your non-COMM major, you're in the right place to bring your education to the next level!

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