What Can I Do With a Degree in Communication?

One of the great things about a degree in Communication is that you can do so many things!  It's also one thing that creates some confusion as to what exactly you can do with a Communication degree once you've earned it!  This page will give you some information and advice on how to make your degree in Communication work for YOU!

We can break this down into three categories.  First, what classes you might take in your undergraduate Communication program at GMU?  Second, what skills will you learn from those classes?  Lastly, what kinds of jobs (and internships) can I get once I graduate?

How Does This Work?

Each concentration has required classes for a reason.  They provide the foundation for the area (concentration) of communication you have chosen to study.  

For each concentration we will list some classes.  Next, we will list some skills associated with those classes and concentration. Then, we will provide some examples of jobs you will be eligible for upon graduation. 

Each concentration heading links to our Social Media "Concentration Week" series which will give you detailed information about the concentration and the kinds of jobs you can seek once you've graduated.

Classes, Skills, and Jobs

Interpersonal/Organizational Communication




Media Production & Criticism:



Political Communication


Public Relations



A 2018 graduate, Elizabeth Zaccolli created this video to show where a degree in Communication can lead!

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