Melissa A. Broeckelman-Post

Melissa A. Broeckelman-Post

Melissa A. Broeckelman-Post

Basic Course Director

Associate Professor

Instructional Communication, Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Research Methods, Communication Theory

Melissa A. Broeckelman-Post (Ph.D., Ohio University, 2009) is the Introductory Communication Course Director and an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication and a Senior Scholar in the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being at George Mason University.  She is responsible for planning, supervising, assessing, and improving the communication courses that meet the general education requirement at GMU.  Each year, she is responsible for recruiting, training, and supervising a staff of 50-60 instructors who teach 3700-4000 undergraduate students per year in these courses.  In 2016, her program was the recipient of the NCA Basic Course Division Program of Excellence Award, which recognizes introductory communication course programs that can serve as best practice models for programs across the country.  In 2015, she was the recipient of the NCA Basic Course Division Textbook of Distinction Award for the textbook that she extensively adapted to meet the specific needs to GMU’s students, instructors, and program.  Dr. Broeckelman-Post also served as the co-chair of the Social Science Research Council’s Measuring College Learning Project Panel on Public Speaking and was a co-recipient of a National Communication Association Advancing the Discipline Grant for A National-Level Assessment of Core Competencies in the Basic Communication Course.   

Broeckelman-Post is the co-author of two national communication textbooks, The Speaker’s Primer and Communication Pathways, and serves on the editorial boards of Communication Education, Communication Teacher, The Basic Communication Course Annual, and Journal of Communication Pedagogy.  She is also a quantitative methods and mixed-methods research specialist who conducts research in communication assessment, communication pedagogy, and instructional communication.  She has published research in Communication Education, The Basic Communication Course Annual, Journalism and Mass Communication Educator, Communication Teacher, Journal of Media Literacy Education, IIIE Transactions on Education, and other academic journals.

Selected Publications

Ruiz-Mesa, K., & Broeckelman-Post, M. A. (2020).  Inclusive Public Speaking: Communicating in a Diverse World.  Southlake, TX: Fountainhead.

Stewart, B. M.*, Malterud, A.*, Lawrence, H. Y., & Broeckelman-Post, M. A. (in press). Student perceptions of value: A qualitative study of student experiences in the communication center. Basic Communication Course Annual.

Brophy, N. S.*, Loveth Adebayo, A.*, & Broeckelman-Post, M. A. (in press). The impact of communication center visits on students’ performance and engagement. Basic Communication Course Annual.

Nordin, K.*, & Broeckelman-Post, M. A. (2020). Surviving or thriving? Demographics differences in mindset across the introductory communication course.  Communication Education, 69, 85-104.  doi: 10.1080/03634523.2019.1679379

Broeckelman-Post, M. A., Hunter, K. M., Westwick, J. N., Hosek, A., Ruiz-Mesa, K., Hooker, J., & Anderson, L. B. (2020). Measuring essential learning outcomes for public speaking.  Basic Communication Course Annual, 32, Article 4.  Available at

Broeckelman-Post, M. A., Malterud, A. S.*, Arciero, A. R.*, & Hyatt Hawkins, K. E.* (2020).  Can course format drive learning?  Face-to-face and lecture-lab models of the fundamentals of communication course.  Basic Communication Course Annual, 32, Article 7. Available at:

Broeckelman-Post, M. A., Hyatt Hawkins, K.*, Murphy, J.*, Otusanya, A.*, & Kueppers, G.* (2020).  The impact of gender and introductory communication course type on public speaking performance.  Communication Teacher, 34, 53-67.  doi: 10.1080/17404622.2019.1593478

Broeckelman-Post, M. A., & Simonds, C. J. (2020).  Recruiting and nurturing a pipeline of future Basic Course Directors.  Basic Communication Course Annual, 32, Article 12.  Available at

*student coauthor

Expanded Publication List

Valenzano III, J. M., Broeckelman-Post, M. A., & Braden, S. W. (2020). The Speaker’s Primer (3rd ed.).  Southlake, TX: Fountainhead.

Valenzano III, J. M., Broeckelman-Post, M. A., & Sahlstein Parcell, E. M. (2019). Communication Pathways (2nd ed.).  Southlake, TX: Fountainhead.

Chang, W.*, & Broeckelman-Post, M. A. (in press). Teaching public speaking for international students in the United States versus at an international branch campus: A comparison of outcomes.  Florida Communication Journal.

Timm, K.*, Maibach, E., Boykoff, M., Myers, T., & Broeckelman-Post, M. A. (2020).  The prevalence and rationale for presenting differing viewpoints about climate change: Findings from a United States national survey of TV weathercasters.  Weather, Climate, & Society, 12, 103-115.  doi: 10.1175/WCAS-D-19-0063.1

Nordin, K.*, & Broeckelman-Post, M. A.  (2019). Can I get better?  Exploring mindset theory in the introductory communication course.  Communication Education, 68, 44-60.  doi: 10.1080/03634523.2018.1538522

Anderson, L. B., Ruiz-Mesa, K., Jones Bodie, A., Waldbuesser, C., Hall, J., Broeckelman-Post, M. A., & Hosek, A. M. (2019).  I second that emotion: A collaborative examination of emotions felt in course administration work.  Journal of Contemporary Ethnography.  doi: 10.1177/0891241619873130.

Riddell, H.*, & Broeckelman-Post, M. A. (2019).  An analysis of the impact of preparation assignments in a public speaking course.  Florida Communication Journal, 47, 71-82.

Lawrence, H. Y., Fernandez, L.*, Lussos, R. G.*, Stabile, B., & Broeckelman-Post, M. A. (2019).  Communicating campus sexual assault: A mixed method rhetorical analysis.  Technical Communication Quarterly. doi:10.1080/10572252.2019.1621386

Broeckelman-Post, M. A., Hyatt Hawkins, K. E.*, Arciero, A. R.*, & Malterud, A. M.* (2019).  Online versus face to face public speaking outcomes: A comprehensive assessment.  Basic Communication Course Annual, 31, Article 10.  Available at

Grants and Fellowships

Collaborative Research Grant for Communication Across the Curriculum: Creating Faculty Resources for Building Communication Skills in the Discipline.  Awarded by 4-VA.  The purpose of this award is to develop faculty resources for building student communication skills within disciplinary courses.  Team members: Melissa Broeckelman-Post, Brandi Quesenberry, Timothy Ball, and Stephanie Norander.  Award amount: $30,000.  Awarded May 2019.

Faculty Research and Development Award for Communication Center Impacts: A Proof of Concept for Enhancing Skills and Learning.  Team members: Melissa Broeckelman-Post and Heidi Lawrence.  Award amount: $15,000.  Awarded December 2018.

Seed Grant for Context Matters: An Exploration of Epistemic Climate and Motivation in an Undergraduate Communication Course.  Team members: Angela Miller, Michelle Buehl, and Melissa Broeckelman-Post.  Award amount: $9500.  Awarded January 2018.

Curriculum Impact Grant for Studio for the Communication ArtsAwarded by George Mason University.  The purpose of this award is to identify best practices and establish single, signature curricular and physical studio space where students and faculty across the university can engage in communication work—including writing, speaking, information literacy, and production.  Team Members: Susan Lawrence, Melissa Brockelman-Post, Patricia West, Michelle LaFrance, and Jen Stevens.  Award amount: $14,000.  Awarded December 2017.

4-VA Collaborative Research Grant.  Awarded by George Mason University and 4-VA.  The purpose of this award is to conduct three assessment projects evaluating the effectiveness of a pilot version of a lecture/lab/speech lab model of COMM 101: Interpersonal and Group Interaction.  Award amount: $20,000.  Awarded December 2017.

National Communication Association Advancing the Discipline Grant for A National-Level Assessment of Core Competencies in the Basic Communication Course.  Team members:  Melissa Broeckelman-Post (George Mason University), Lindsey B. Anderson (University of Maryland), Andrew D. Wolvin (University of Maryland), Angela M. Hosek (Ohio University), Cheri Simonds (Illinois State University), John Hooker (Illinois State University), Josh Westwick (South Dakota State University), Karla Hunter (South Dakota State University), Kristina Ruiz-Mesa (California State University, Los Angeles), LeAnn Brazeal (Missouri State University).  Award amount: $3900.  Awarded October 2016.

Courses Taught

COMM 100: Public Speaking

COMM 100DL: Public Speaking (fully online)

COMM 101: Interpersonal and Group Communication

COMM 400: Research Methods

COMM 653: Graduate Seminar in Instructional Communication

COMM 750: Research Methods II


Ph.D., Communication Studies, Ohio University, 2009

M.A., Speech Rhetoric and Communication, Kansas State University, 2005

Graduate Certificate in Technical Writing and Professional Communication, Kansas State University, 2004

B.A., English, Kansas State University, 2004

In the Media

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Dissertations Supervised

Karin Nordin , Growing a Growth Mindset in the Introductory Course: Design, Pilot Testing, and Implementation of a Communication Mindset Intervention (2021)