Farah Latif

Farah Latif

Farah Latif

Adjunct Faculty

Strategic Communication, Reputation Management, Political Communications, Social Media, and Leadership.

Farah Latif completed her doctoral dissertation in strategic communication at George Mason University. Latif has spent her formative years in Pakistan, giving her cultural, social, and political perspectives on strategic communication issues related to the region. Latif’s career includes instruction, research, and public relation in academia, corporate, and nonprofit organizations.

Latif’s research focuses on the intersection of reputation management and social media. Latif serves as a Research Fellow at the Center for Media and Public Affairs (CMPA) and the Character Assassination and Reputation Politics (CARP) Lab, both housed at George Mason University.

Latif’s prior research included remedial interventions needed for homegrown terrorism. Latif’s master’s thesis was an in-depth analysis of the role of U.S. public diplomacy in countering violent extremism in Pakistan.

Selected Publications

Farnsworth, S. J., Lichter, S. R., & Latif, F. (2021, July 4). Trump, still butt of late-night comedy jokes. The Baltimore Sun. https://www.baltimoresun.com/opinion/op-ed/bs-ed-op-0704-late-night-trump-20210702-bygx3t6wynftdipwdcdg35fzte-story.html

Latif, F., & Salar, M. (March 24, 2020). The Coronavirus and Pakistan: Why people must immediately begin social distancing. The National Interest. https://nationalinterest.org/feature/coronavirus-and-pakistan-why-people-must-immediately-begin-social-distancing-136697?fbclid=IwAR1u1zAsKzUOcayc6La7Ogen-NXbOg6yrzOf-gw4mJq0ztvJZhQaE_bj6zg

Latif, F. (2020). Gaslighting and the climate change discourse in the 2016 congressional election. The Year in C-SPAN Archives Research5, 39-66. https://docs.lib.purdue.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1034&context=ccse

Latif, F. (2019). Teflon reputations and glass jaws: Managing reputations in the public sphere. D. Verčič, A. Tkalac-Verčič and K. Sriramesh. A World in Crisis: The Role of Public Relations, (93-103). Bled, Slovenia: University of Ljubljana. https://www.bledcom.com/asset/e4jncY725ieACmkMT

Latif, F. (August 14, 2019). Instilling the virtue of sacrifice. The Alexandria Gazette Packet. http://www.alexandriagazette.com/news/2019/aug/14/opinion-letter-editor-instilling-virtue-sacrifice/?fbclid=IwAR336LKR32WZ1AaCKzbTBU7kTrdBnuM2DZuM9YlXvpK5adhcc9IVQlzNNgw

Broeckelman-Post, M. A., Tacconelli, A., Guzman, J., Rios, M., Calero, B., & Latif, F. (2015). The effects of teacher misbehaviors on student interest and student engagement. Communication Education. DOI:10.1080/03634523.2015.1058962

Courses Taught

COMM 100 - Public Speaking

COMM 101 - Fundamentals of Communication

COMM 201 - Small Group Communication

COMM 454 - Free Speech and Ethics

COMM 412 - Politics and Mass Media


Ph.D. in Strategic Communication, George Mason University, 2021

M.A. in Risk and Crisis Communication, George Mason University, 2016

Recent Presentations

Farnsworth, S, J., Lichter, S. R., & Latif, F. (2021, October). Still ‘all Trump, all the time:’ Late night political humor and the 2020 presidential campaign. Accepted for presentation, Midwest Popular Culture Association Conference, Minneapolis, MN.

Farnsworth, S.J., Lichter, S. R., Latif, F., & Burkley, S. (2021, September). Late night political humor, cancel culture and the 2020 Presidential campaign. Accepted for presentation, Character Assassination & Reputation Politics Conference (CARP), George Mason University. Fairfax, VA. [online], September 2021. 

Latif, F. (2020, May). “If people are laughing, it’s better than people shouting at each other:” Does satire help with political catharsis? Accepted at the 70th Annual ICA Conference. Gold Coast, Australia.

Latif, F. (2021, April). A mixed-method approach to conceptualizing and scale development of personal reputations: A multidimensional approach using legitimacy, social evaluation, parasocial relationships, and agency. Graduate and Professional Student Association. GMU 2021 Conference - Life-Changing Events and Migration.

Lichter, S.R., Farnsworth, S., Latif, F., & Seltzer, K. (2021, January). Late Night Political Humor and the 2020 Presidential Nomination Campaign: A Democratic Field Competes with Donald Trump. Southern Political Science Association January 2021.

Latif, F. (2020, May). “If people are laughing, it’s better than people shouting at each other:” Does satire help with political catharsis? Accepted at the 70th Annual ICA Conference. Gold Coast, Australia.

Latif, F. (2020, February). Narrative (un)writing of Trump presidency: Collective trauma and seeking catharsis through political satire. Presented at the International Autobiography Association (IABA). The University of Vienna.

 Latif, F. (2019, November). Measuring personal reputations. Presented at the National CommunicationAssociation 2019 Pre-conference on Crisis Communication. Baltimore, MD.

Latif, F., and Hamidi, E. (2019, November). The unspoken health crises: Gestational starvation. Presented at theNational Communication Association 2019 Pre-conference on Crisis Communication. Baltimore, MD.

Latif, F. (2019, August). Political gaslighting: Manipulating decision-making in public. Accepted at theInternational and Interdisciplinary Conference on Discourse and Communication in Professional Contexts. Aalborg, Denmark.

Latif, F. (2019, July). Health impacts of maternal fasting in Ramadan (MFR): Communication recommendation. Presented at Dr. Abdus Salam Science Fair, Ahmadiyya Women Scientists Association. Harrisburg, PA.

Latif, F. (2019, July). Political gaslighting in the climate change discourse of Republican Politicians. Accepted at the 26th International Public Relations Research Symposium. Bled, Slovenia.

Latif. F. (2019, May). Utilizing the elaboration likelihood model in healthy eating. Presented at the InternationalCommunication Association Annual conference. Washington, D.C.

Latif, F. (2019, April). Not because she has no will power to wait biryani or stuffed zucchini grapes leaves: Attitudes toward gestational fasting and information-seeking regarding healthy nutrition. Presented at the Biannual D.C. Health Communication Conference. Fairfax, VA.

Latif, F., & Hamidi, E. (2019, April). Closer than it may seem: America's unspoken health crisis. Presented at the Virginia Communication Association of Arts. Fairfax, VA.   

Latif, F. (2019, March). Conceptual analysis of political gaslighting. Presented at the Character Assassination and Reputation Politics. Arlington, VA.                                                            

Latif, F. (2019, February). Conceptualizing political gaslighting. Presented at the George Mason University Communication Department Colloquium. Fairfax, VA. 

 Latif, F. (2018, October). Gaslighting and the climate change discourse in the 2016 election. Presented at theCenter for C-SPAN Scholarship & Engagement, Purdue University. West Lafayette, IN.

Latif, F. (2018, July). Teflon reputations and glass jaws: Managing reputations in the public sphere. Presented at the 25th International Public Relations Research Symposium. Bled, Slovenia.

Latif, F. (2018, April). Triadic communication between physicians, patients, and health significant other (HSO)s: Health care partnership model in Crohn’s Disease communication. Presented at the Kentucky Conference on Health Communication. Lexington, KY.

Latif, F. (2018, April). Health care partnership model in Crohn’s disease communication. Presented at the Virginia Communication Association of Arts. Fairfax, VA.

Latif, F. (2017, April). Ajzen’s theory of reasoned action (TRA) and the theory of planned behavior (TPB) to explain fasting during Ramadan in pregnant women. Presented at  Biannual D.C. Health Communication Conference. Fairfax, VA. 

Latif, F. (2017, March). “That woman,” the “fraud” and the “nasty woman: The vilification of Monica Lewinsky, Rachel Dolezal and Hillary Clinton, and the role of social media. Presented at the CharacterAssassination and Reputation Politics Conference. Arlington, VA.

Latif, F. (2017, March). The future of public relations in a turbulent landscape: Post-colonial Pakistan. Accepted at the International Public Relations Research Conference. Orlando, FL.                                                    

Latif, F. (2016, November). When terrorism comes knocking on the door: How civil societies can help. Presented at the International Communication Association Conference. Washington, D.C.

Latif, F. (2016, October). The state of public diplomacy in Pakistan. Presented at the George Mason UniversityCommunication Department Colloquium. Fairfax, VA.