Sergei A Samoilenko

Sergei A Samoilenko

Sergei A Samoilenko


public relations; crisis communication; reputation management; strategic communication; propaganda studies

In addition to instructing, Sergei A. Samoilenko develops and coordinates career-building activities for communication students, including: professional workshops, public outreach projects, job fairs and student mixers in the Washington D.C. area. His service is focused on bridging academic and professional communities in the areas of public relations and social media. He sees his mission in helping communication practitioners acquire new skills and adapt to global marketplaces and emerging online communities. 
Sergei's research focuses on issues in public relations, crisis communication, and reputation management. Samoilenko is a founding member of CARP, the Research Lab for Character Assassination and Reputation Politics, based at George Mason University, Virginia. He is also one of the editors of the forthcoming Routledge Handbook for Character Assassination and Reputation Management.
Sergei actively contributes to the development of communication education internationally. He is the past president of the Eurasian Communication Association of North America (ECANA) established to facilitate former Soviet Union-related communication research, education and its practical social application in Russia and the US, and promote joint projects between scholars from Russia, CIS and Baltic states and their North American counterparts. 

Selected Publications

Samoilenko, S.A., Icks, M., Keohane. J., & Shiraev, E. (2019). Handbook of character assassination and reputation management. London and New York: Routledge.

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Samoilenko, S. A. (2018). Strategic deception in the age of "truthiness." In I. Chiluwa (Ed.). Deception: Motivations, Recognition Techniques and Behavioral Control. New York: Nova Science Publishers.

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Samoilenko, S.A., Erzikova, E., Davydov, S., & Laskin, A.V. (2017). Different media, same messages: Character assassination in the television news during the 2014 Ukrainian crisis. International Communication Research Journal, 52(2), 31-52.

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He received his Master’s in Communication (Health, Risk and Crisis) at George Mason University. He received his other Master’s and a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Linguistics from Kuban State University in Russia.