Shelby E. Broberg

Shelby E. Broberg

Shelby E. Broberg


Shelby Broberg is the Communication Center Director and an Instructor at George Mason University. Shelby has a B.A. in Communication and earned her M.A. in Communication Studies from Arizona State University where she worked as a graduate student in their communication center, CommLabASU. During her first year as an Instructor, she also served as the Assistant Director of Community Outreach for CommLabASU, initiating and maintaining partnerships between the communication center and community partners including Boys & Girls Club of America, Girl Scouts, and the Be a Leader Foundation. After her time at ASU, Shelby moved to Western Carolina University where she was an Instructor for three years.

As an Instructor, Shelby has taught classes including Public Speaking, Relational Communication, Small Group, and Conflict & Negotiation, among others. 

A few of Shelby's current research projects include the effects of virtual reality interventions on public and personal communication; improving training for tutors working with multilingual speakers; and the effectiveness of outreach methods to encourage students to utilize campus learning support.

Courses Taught

COMM101: Fundamentals of Communication


M.A., Arizona State University, Communication Studies

B.A., San Diego Christian College, Communication