Karol Marcela Escalante

Karol Marcela Escalante

Karol Marcela Escalante

Graduate Professional Assistant

Karol Marcela Escalante is a MA grad student in the Communications Department at George Mason University. She is an instructor for the class Fundamentals of Communication (COMM101).

Ms. Escalante is the Former Consul General of Honduras in Chicago. During her post she worked on supporting and uplifting the Honduran community in her area of jurisdiction. She developed new strategies to create programs that benefit Hondurans in immigration, education, human and labor rights. She coordinated different events to promote her country in areas like tourism, culture and economic development.   

She also worked as the First Secretary of Communications and Cultural Affairs at the Embassy of Honduras to the Unites States of America.  During her post she followed up on a variety of topics of interest between Honduras and the US. She worked simultaneously with the Secretary of Communications and the Department of State handling interviews and arranging meetings between different Honduran Presidents with the White House and other important US authorities.

Ms. Escalante has more than fifteen years of experience working with international media in the public relations area and as a journalist. She has a Master’s Degree in Media Design Management from the International Academy of Design and Technology of Tampa, a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH), a Certificate in International Relations from the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH) a Certificate in English for Journalism from University of Pennsylvania, a Certificate in Global Diplomacy in the Modern World from University of London, and a Certificate in Digital Media and Labor Rights from the Latin American Social Studies Institute (FLACSO), Argentina.

Courses Taught

COMM101, Fundamentals of Communication