Laura L Dallman

Laura L Dallman

Graduate Research Assistant

Social emotional dynamic of teaching, learning, and student development.

Laura is a doctoral candidate in educational psychology and serves as a graduate lecturer in both the College of Education and Human Development and the College of Health and Human Services.  She is also a graduate course assistant in GMU's Transformative Teaching Masters program helping to move the program fully online while ensuring growth enhancing relationships among cohort members and faculty. Before her doctoral studies, Laura was an elementary school teacher in Fairfax County Public Schools and at international schools in Haiti, Belgium, Russia, and Georgia.   

Current Research

Dallman is currently researching online university classroom climates and the roles of teacher emotional and cultural intelligences on establishing positive relationships with students from diverse backgrounds.

Selected Publications

View, J. L., DeMulder, E. K., Stribling, S. M., & Dallman, L. L. (2020).  Anti-racist professional development for in-service teachers. Emerging Research and Opportunities. IGI Global.


Expanded Publication List

Dodman, S. L., DeMulder, E. K., View, J. L., Swalwell, K., Stribling, S. M., Ra, S., & Dallman, L. L. (2018). Equity audits as a tool of critical data-driven decision making: Preparing teachers to see beyond achievement gaps and bubbles. Action in Teacher Education DOI: 10.1080/01626620.2018.1536900

Brown, E.L., Vesely, C.K., & Dallman L. L. (2016). Unpacking biases: Developing cultural humility in early childhood and elementary teacher candidates.  The Teacher Educators’ Journal (9) 75-96.

DeMulder, E.K., Stribling, S.M., & Dallman, L. L. (2016). [Book Review], Promoting global competence and social justice in teacher education: Successes and challenges within local and international contexts, by D.Schwarzer and B.L. Bridglall Teachers College Record, Date Published: January 12, 2016 ID Number: 19286

Stribling, S.M., DeMulder, E.K., Barnstead, S., & Dallman, L. L.  (2015). The teaching philosophy: An opportunity to guide practice or an exercise in futility? The Teacher Educators’ Journal. 26 (1), 37-50.

Grants and Fellowships

Awarded a Dissertation Research Fellowship from the College of Education and Human Development at George Mason University.


Courses Taught

COMM 101: Fundamentals of Communication

ECED 401/501: Developmental Pathways of Diverse Learners, Birth-Adolescence



Ph.D. in Education, George Mason University, anticipated 2021

Graduate teacher certification, George Mason University, 2001

M.Div, Yale University, 1987

B.A. in Psychology and Economics, Augustana College, IL, 1982

Recent Presentations

Dallman, L. (2019, May). Relationships among teacher emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence, and diversity efficacy beliefs.  Poster presented at the 31st Annual Convention of Association for Psychological Science, Washington, DC.

Dallman, L., Mischel, J., Aciero, A. (2019, May).  Who you are is where you’re going. Session at 12th Annual Prince William County Public Schools Student Leadership Conference, Woodbridge, VA.

View, J. L., DeMulder, E., Stribling, S., & Dallman, L.  (2019, March).  Teaching for our culturally diverse world: Developing teacher leaders’ critical practice.  Paper presented at Critical Questions in Education Conference, Savannah, GA.

Mischel, J., Aciero, A., Whitehead, A., Dallman, L. (2019, March) Helping Children Discover Their      Purpose by Staying Focused. Session at Girls + Math + Science = Success, Career Conference sponsored by the American Association of University Women, Bristow, VA.

Dallman, L. (2018, July). The Social-Emotional Dynamic – More Than Just a Feeling.  Paper presented at the International Women’s Forum, Amman, Jordan.

Dodman, S., DeMulder, E., View, J. Ra, S., Dallman, L., & Stribling, S. (2017, April). Beyond the Perspective Shift: Examining Longitudinal Impact of School Equity Audits on Teachers’ Change Agency.  Paper presented at AERA annual conference, San Antonio, TX.

DeMulder, E.K., Dallman, L., Dodman, S., View, J.L., Ra, S. (2016, November). Conducting School Equity Audits: Teachers’ Actions and Perceptions. Paper presented at the 26th Annual International Conference of the National Association for Multicultural Education, Cleveland, OH.