Margaret Orr

Margaret Orr

Margaret Orr

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Climate Change Communication, Misinformation

Margaret Orr is from Swarthmore, PA. Her lifelong passions of reading, words, writing, and science led her to her current post as a PhD student in the GMU Department of Communication, where she focuses on climate change communication and is involved with the George Mason Center for Climate Change Communication (4C). Currently, Margaret teaches COMM101 in the department. She has also taught the Intro to Physical Geography Lab at the University of Georgia, and served as an assistant in Geographic Data Analysis (Python) during her senior year at the University of Delaware. 

While at the University of Georgia, Margaret earned her MS in Geography with a thesis titled "Investigating Connection Between Need for Cognitive Closure and Climate Change Concern".  

Outside of the classroom, Margaret is an ice dancer and also enjoys ballet, tap, and ballroom dance, hiking, cooking/baking, and reading. She is a co-chair in training for the American Meteorological Society Student Conference. 

Selected Publications

Orr, M.; Stewart, A.; Grundstein, A. Investigating Connections between Need for Cognitive Closure and Climate Change Concern in College Students. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 202017, 5619.

Courses Taught

COMM101, George Mason University

Intro to Physical Geography Lab, University of Georgia


B.S. Meteorology & Climatology, Minor in French: University of Delaware

M.S. Geography: University of Georgia

Recent Presentations

Investigating Connections Between Need for Cognitive Closure and Climate Change Concern. 100th Annual Meeting of the American Meteorological Society, Boston, MA. January 14, 2020.