Allyson L. Wilson

Allyson L. Wilson

Allyson L. Wilson

Graduate Lecturer

Uncertainty, Heuristics & Biases, Normative Messaging, Persuasion, Social Media, Reputation, Social Support

Allyson L. Wilson is the Director of Operations at a prominent boutique criminal defense law firm in Northern Virginia. With over two decades of invaluable experience in business management, Ms. Wilson has demonstrated her expertise in ensuring smooth and profitable operations by meticulously analyzing efficiencies and workflows, which serves to enhance the client's experience.

Ms. Wilson's administrative proficiency extends beyond the legal realm, as she has also made significant contributions to the Division of Academic and Student Affairs at NC State University. Her responsibilities included training students and staff on crucial university policies and guidelines, while simultaneously providing administrative coordination and supervision across seven units within the division, fostering smooth operations, and promoting collaboration. Her analytical acumen was further showcased through her ability to meticulously analyze financial data, enabling her to assist with forecasting and managing a significant state fund budget.

Her academic achievements complement her professional expertise, as Ms. Wilson has earned both a bachelor's degree in Legal Communication and a master's degree in Strategic Communication/Public Relations from George Mason University. Her exceptional academic performance garnered honors in both programs, highlighting her dedication to excellence.

Ms. Wilson remains steadfast in her pursuit of knowledge by undertaking a Ph.D. program in Strategic Communication at George Mason University. Within her doctoral studies, she has delved into various subdisciplines of Strategic Communication, including uncertainty, heuristics and biases, normative messaging, social media, and social support, solidifying her knowledge in this dynamic field.

One notable display of her research prowess occurred at the 108th National Communication Association Annual Conference in New Orleans. Ms. Wilson and her coauthors presented their findings on the application of message framing theory to encourage informed healthcare decisions. This achievement further exemplifies her commitment to advancing knowledge in her chosen field.

Ms. Wilson's multifaceted expertise in business management, academic accomplishments, and ongoing research pursuits make her a valuable figure in the realm of Strategic Communication, with a profound impact on both her professional and academic spheres.

Courses Taught

COMM 101 Fundamentals in Communication


Ph.D. Student, Strategic Communication, Current, George Mason University

M.A. Strategic Communication/Public Relations, 2023, George Mason University

Bachelor of Individualized Study, Legal Communication, 2021, George Mason University

Recent Presentations

Wilson, Allyson L., Barrett, Isabelle, & Amoako, Richard. (2022, November 18). Encouraging COVID-19 vaccine uptake among underserved populations using message framing theory [Paper Presentation]. National Communication Association. NCA 108th Annual Convention, New Orleans, LA, United States