Graduate Assistants


  • Adebanke Loveth Adebayo

    Adebanke Loveth Adebayo

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Health communication, maternal and neonatal health, public health communication, death and dying, social epidemiology and health equity, intercultural health communication, and global health.


  • Amanda Borth

    Amanda Borth

    Graduate Lecturer

    Science Communication, Climate Change Communication, Global Environmental Policy

  • Nate S. Brophy

    Nate S. Brophy

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Instructional Communication, Health Communication

  • Rachel Elizabeth Buitrago

    Rachel Elizabeth Buitrago

    Graduate Lecturer

    Organizational Communication, Strategic Communication, Public Relations, Interpersonal Communication


  • Eryn Campbell

    Eryn Campbell

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Science Communication, Climate Change Communication

  • Jane Y Choi

    Jane Y Choi

    Graduate Lecturer

  • Xavier Clark

    Xavier Clark

    Graduate Lecturer

    Organizational Communication, Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality, Urban Communication, Urban Commerce, Luxury Communication, Wealth Communication


  • Laura L Dallman

    Laura L Dallman

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Social emotional dynamic of teaching, learning, and student development.

  • Marta Pérez Drake

    Marta Pérez Drake

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Organizational, Intercultural, & Interpersonal Communications with a focus on Gender, BIPOC and other under-represented populations.


  • Alicia J.C. Ellis

    Alicia J.C. Ellis

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Advanced Quantitative Methodology; Institutional Research & Effectiveness; Program Evaluation; Post-secondary Attainment Gaps; Student Engagement; Retention & Degree Completion

  • Karol Marcela Escalante

    Karol Marcela Escalante

    Graduate Professional Assistant




  • George Charles Kueppers

    George Charles Kueppers

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Health communication; political communication; interpersonal communication; social influence; persuasion; communication technologies


  • Farah Latif

    Farah Latif

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Strategic Communication, Reputation Management, Political Communications, Social Media, and Leadership.

  • Jessica M Ledford

    Jessica M Ledford

    Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • Andie S Malterud

    Andie S Malterud

    Graduate Lecturer

    Health Communication, E-cigarettes, Stigma, Instructional Communication, Health Education, Patient-Provider Communication, E-health

  • Rochelle Davidson Mhonde

    Rochelle Davidson Mhonde

    Graduate Research Assistant

    health communication, intercultural communication, social justice advocacy

  • Jenny Mischel

    Jenny Mischel

    Graduate Research Assistant

    bullying and cyberbullying behavior, coping, coping strategies, resiliency, self-efficacy beliefs, self-regulation of emotions

  • Christina Brooke Mitchell

    Christina Brooke Mitchell

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Sylvia Mphofe

    Sylvia Mphofe

    Graduate Lecturer



  • Margaret Orr

    Margaret Orr

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Climate Change Communication, Misinformation, Conflicting Information, Action Thresholds

  • Erika Ortner

    Erika Ortner

    Graduate Lecturer

    Strategic Communication, Consumer Trends, Hospitality, Military/National Gaurd Youth


  • Shaelyn M. Patzer

    Shaelyn M. Patzer

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Climate communication, science and environmental reporting, media portrayals of climate change, climate justice



  • Suzanne Marie Sauter

    Suzanne Marie Sauter

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Strategic Communication, Media Framing, Consumer Trends.

  • Lane Schwager

    Lane Schwager

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Organizational Communication, Critical Theories, Mass Media, and Strategic Communication.

  • Christian Reed Seiter

    Christian Reed Seiter

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Christian’s research interests include end-of-life healthcare communication, patient-provider relationships, and using theatre to teach clinical empathy skills to healthcare providers.

  • Josephine Sherwood

    Josephine Sherwood

    Graduate Lecturer

    Strategic communication, pop culture, public relations

  • Lucy Snell

    Lucy Snell

    Graduate Lecturer

  • Syahgena Ardhila St. Onge

    Syahgena Ardhila St. Onge

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Health communication, reproductive health, media studies, gender and development, migration, Islamic world, Southeast Asia

  • Briana M. Stewart

    Briana M. Stewart

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Marissa M Strang

    Marissa M Strang

    Graduate Professional Assistant

    Social Media Communication, Strategic Communication, Public Relations


  • Shannon M Taylor-Heflin

    Shannon M Taylor-Heflin

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Health Communication, Health Misinformation, Interpersonal Communication, Family Communication

  • Jason O Thomas

    Jason O Thomas

    Graduate Lecturer

  • Sammi Tuckerman

    Sammi Tuckerman

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Science Communication, Climate Change Communication, Communication Education, Instructional Communication



  • Jeff Vomund

    Jeff Vomund

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Students' Perception of Classroom Empathy; Student Perceptions in general; Motivation


  • Jasmine Williams

    Jasmine Williams

    Graduate Lecturer

    Health Communication, Health and Health Care Inequities, Performance Arts, Public Speaking