Graduate Assistants


  • Mathias Aboba

    Mathias Aboba

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Health Communication; communication and culture in the context of health, primary healthcare, maternal and child health, gender and health, teen parenthood, and international health.

  • Amjad Abdulaziz M Alghamdi

    Amjad Abdulaziz M Alghamdi

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Health communication, consumer-provider health communication. health promotion and e-Health technologies

  • Richard Opoku Amoako

    Richard Opoku Amoako

    Graduate Lecturer

    Climate Change and Health Communication, Message Design, Testing & Evaluation, Message Framing, Visual and Creative Communication, Persuasion

  • Patrick Owusu Ansah

    Patrick Owusu Ansah

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Climate Change Communication, Science Communication, Non-violent Civil Disobedience, Support for International Aid

  • Sherazade C Ariavand

    Sherazade C Ariavand

    Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • Amanda Borth

    Amanda Borth

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Science Communication, Climate Change Communication, Global Environmental Policy

  • Nate S. Brophy

    Nate S. Brophy

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Instructional Communication, Health Communication


  • Briana D Davis

    Briana D Davis

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Instructional Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Strategic Communication, Race, Gender, and Class.

  • Marta Pérez Drake

    Marta Pérez Drake

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Organizational, Intercultural, & Interpersonal Communications with a focus on Gender, BIPOC and other under-represented populations.




  • Neha Gour

    Neha Gour

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Misinformation, Global Health, Climate Change, Health Communication, New Media, Media Literacy



  • Em Kohl

    Em Kohl

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Climate and Intercultural Communication, Queer Theory, Media Studies

  • Maurine Kwende

    Maurine Kwende

    Graduate Lecturer

    Artificial Intelligence, User Experience Design, Design decision-making, Augmented Reality, Microlearning


  • Jessica M Ledford

    Jessica M Ledford

    Graduate Lecturer

    Health Communication, Death and Dying, Emotions in Persuasion, Misinformation, Disinformation


  • Severin Mueller

    Severin Mueller

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Culture and Political Economy, Globalization, American and Southern Studies, Visual Culture


  • J Orisha

    J Orisha

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Margaret Orr

    Margaret Orr

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Climate Change Communication, Misinformation, Propaganda, Research-to-Practice


  • Juhee Park

    Juhee Park

    Graduate Lecturer

    Social Movements, Memory Studies


  • Bree R Riddick

    Bree R Riddick

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Chelsea Rossheim

    Chelsea Rossheim

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Organizational communication; strategic communication; design, delivery, and evaluation of trainings in an organizational setting


  • Josephine Sherwood

    Josephine Sherwood

    Graduate Lecturer

    Strategic communication, pop culture, public relations, LGBTQIA+ communication

  • Syahgena Ardhila St. Onge

    Syahgena Ardhila St. Onge

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Health communication, reproductive health, media studies, gender and development, migration, Islamic world, Southeast Asia

  • Briana M. Stewart

    Briana M. Stewart

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Instructional communication, professional and technical writing, organizational communication, and leadership

  • Alli Stormer

    Alli Stormer

    Graduate Lecturer

  • Sevil Suleymani

    Sevil Suleymani

    Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • Shannon M. Taylor-Heflin

    Shannon M. Taylor-Heflin

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Health Communication, Health Misinformation, Interpersonal Communication, Family Communication, Parent-Child Communication, Parenting

  • Doran Tucker

    Doran Tucker

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Climate change, Science Communication, Appalachia, National Security, Hunting

  • Brett Turner

    Brett Turner

    Graduate Lecturer


  • Saahi Uppalapati

    Saahi Uppalapati

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Climate Change Communication, International Climate Communication, Climate Change Policy, Global Environmental Policy, Climate and Health

  • Melissa Urbansky

    Melissa Urbansky

    Graduate Lecturer


  • Jasmine Williams

    Jasmine Williams

    Graduate Lecturer

    Health Communication, Health and Health Care Inequities, Performance Arts, Public Speaking

  • Allyson L. Wilson

    Allyson L. Wilson

    Graduate Lecturer

    Identity; reputation management; social influence; power; message effects; instructional communication; communication in law and legal contexts.



  • Rania Zaied

    Rania Zaied

    Graduate Lecturer

    Rhetorical Criticism, Mass Communication, Media Rhetoric, Media Representations of Marginalized Communities, Culture, Intercultural Communication

  • Lisa Marylin Zhang

    Lisa Marylin Zhang

    Graduate Research Assistant