Graduate Assistants


  • Mathias Aboba

    Mathias Aboba

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Health Communication; communication and culture in the context of health, primarycare, maternal and child healthcare, international health.

  • Adebanke Loveth Adebayo

    Adebanke Loveth Adebayo

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Health communication, maternal and neonatal health, public health communication, death and dying, social epidemiology and health equity, intercultural health communication, and global health.

  • Amjad Abdulaziz M Alghamdi

    Amjad Abdulaziz M Alghamdi

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Health communication, consumer-provider health communication. health promotion and e-Health technologies

  • Richard Opoku Amoako

    Richard Opoku Amoako

    Graduate Lecturer

    Global Health Communication, Strategic Media Message Design for Health Campaigns, Intercultural Health Communication, Persuasion, Social Media, Science Communication

  • Patrick Owusu Ansah

    Patrick Owusu Ansah

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Climate Change Communication, Science Communication, Non-violent Civil Disobedience, Support for International Aid

  • Sherazade Claire Ariavand

    Sherazade Claire Ariavand

    Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • Amanda Borth

    Amanda Borth

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Science Communication, Climate Change Communication, Global Environmental Policy

  • Nate S. Brophy

    Nate S. Brophy

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Instructional Communication, Health Communication


  • Briana D Davis

    Briana D Davis

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Instructional Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Strategic Communication, Race, Gender, and Class.

  • Marta Pérez Drake

    Marta Pérez Drake

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Organizational, Intercultural, & Interpersonal Communications with a focus on Gender, BIPOC and other under-represented populations.




  • Neha Gour

    Neha Gour

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Health communication, new media, misinformation/fake news, health literacy



  • Em Elizabeth Kohl

    Em Elizabeth Kohl

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Maurine Kwende

    Maurine Kwende

    Graduate Lecturer

    Artificial Intelligence, User Experience Design, Design decision-making, Augmented Reality, Microlearning


  • Jessica M Ledford

    Jessica M Ledford

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Health Communication, Death and Dying, Emotions in Persuasion, Misinformation, Disinformation


  • Severin Mueller

    Severin Mueller

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Culture and Political Economy, Globalization, American and Southern Studies, Visual Culture

  • Sammi Munson

    Sammi Munson

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Science Communication, Climate Change Communication, Communication Education, Instructional Communication


  • Margaret Orr

    Margaret Orr

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Climate Change Communication, Misinformation, Conflicting Information, Action Thresholds


  • Bree R Riddick

    Bree R Riddick

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • J Robinson

    J Robinson

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Chelsea Rossheim

    Chelsea Rossheim

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Organizational communication; strategic communication; design, delivery, and evaluation of trainings in an organizational setting


  • Lane Schwager

    Lane Schwager

    Graduate Lecturer

    Organizational Communication, Critical Theories, Pop Culture, Mass Media, Feminist Studies, and Strategic Communication.

  • Josephine Sherwood

    Josephine Sherwood

    Graduate Lecturer

    Strategic communication, pop culture, public relations, LGBTQIA+ communication

  • Syahgena Ardhila St. Onge

    Syahgena Ardhila St. Onge

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Health communication, reproductive health, media studies, gender and development, migration, Islamic world, Southeast Asia

  • Briana M. Stewart

    Briana M. Stewart

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Instructional communication, professional and technical writing, organizational communication, and leadership

  • Alli Stormer

    Alli Stormer

    Graduate Lecturer

  • Sevil Suleymani

    Sevil Suleymani

    Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • Shannon M. Taylor-Heflin

    Shannon M. Taylor-Heflin

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Health Communication, Health Misinformation, Interpersonal Communication, Family Communication, Parent-Child Communication, Parenting

  • Doran Tucker

    Doran Tucker

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Climate change, Science Communication, Appalachia, National Security, Hunting

  • Brett Turner

    Brett Turner

    Graduate Lecturer


  • Saahi Uppalapati

    Saahi Uppalapati

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Climate Change Communication, International Climate Communication, Climate Change Policy, Global Environmental Policy, Climate and Health

  • Melissa Urbansky

    Melissa Urbansky

    Graduate Lecturer


  • Jasmine Williams

    Jasmine Williams

    Graduate Lecturer

    Health Communication, Health and Health Care Inequities, Performance Arts, Public Speaking

  • Allyson L. Wilson

    Allyson L. Wilson

    Graduate Lecturer

    Identity; reputation management; social influence; power; message effects; instructional communication; gender disparities and divisions of labor; communication in law and legal contexts.



  • Rania Zaied

    Rania Zaied

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Rhetorical Criticism, Mass Communication, Media Rhetoric, Media Representations of Marginalized Communities, Culture, Intercultural Communication

  • Lisa Marylin Zhang

    Lisa Marylin Zhang

    Graduate Research Assistant