Graduate Assistants


  • Adebanke Loveth Adebayo

    Adebanke Loveth Adebayo

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Health communication, maternal and neonatal health, public health communication, death and dying, health equity, intercultural health communication, and global health.


  • Amanda Borth

    Amanda Borth

    Graduate Lecturer

    Science Communication, Climate Change Communication, Global Environmental Policy

  • Nate S. Brophy

    Nate S. Brophy

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Instructional Communication, Health Communication

  • Rachel Elizabeth Buitrago

    Rachel Elizabeth Buitrago

    Graduate Lecturer

    Organizational Communication, Strategic Communication, Public Relations, Interpersonal Communication


  • Eryn Campbell

    Eryn Campbell

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Science Communication, Climate Change Communication

  • Jane Y Choi

    Jane Y Choi

    Graduate Lecturer

  • Xavier Clark

    Xavier Clark

    Graduate Lecturer

    Organizational Communication, Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality, Urban Communication, Urban Commerce, Luxury Communication, Wealth Communication

  • Alicia Jeneise Cooper

    Alicia Jeneise Cooper

    Graduate Research Assistant


  • Laura L Dallman

    Laura L Dallman

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Social emotional dynamic of teaching, learning, and student development.

  • Marta Pérez Drake

    Marta Pérez Drake

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Organizational, Intercultural, & Interpersonal Communications with a focus on Gender, BIPOC and other under-represented populations.





  • George Charles Kueppers

    George Charles Kueppers

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Health communication; political communication; interpersonal communication; social influence; persuasion; communication technologies


  • Farah Latif

    Farah Latif

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Strategic Communication, Reputation Management, Political Communications, Social Media, and Leadership.

  • Jessica M Ledford

    Jessica M Ledford

    Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • Andie S Malterud

    Andie S Malterud

    Graduate Lecturer

    Health Communication, E-cigarettes, Stigma, Instructional Communication, Health Education, Patient-Provider Communication, E-health

  • Rochelle Davidson Mhonde

    Rochelle Davidson Mhonde

    Graduate Research Assistant

    health communication, intercultural communication, social justice advocacy

  • Jenny Mischel

    Jenny Mischel

    Graduate Research Assistant

    bullying and cyberbullying behavior, coping, coping strategies, resiliency, self-efficacy beliefs, self-regulation of emotions

  • Christina Brooke Mitchell

    Christina Brooke Mitchell

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Sylvia Mphofe

    Sylvia Mphofe

    Graduate Lecturer



  • Margaret Orr

    Margaret Orr

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Climate Change Communication, Misinformation

  • Erika Ortner

    Erika Ortner

    Graduate Lecturer

    Strategic Communication, Consumer Trends, Hospitality, Military/National Gaurd Youth


  • Shaelyn M. Patzer

    Shaelyn M. Patzer

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Climate communication, science and environmental reporting, media portrayals of climate change, climate justice



  • Suzanne Marie Sauter

    Suzanne Marie Sauter

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Strategic Communication, Media Framing, Consumer Trends.

  • Lane Schwager

    Lane Schwager

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Organizational Communication, Critical Theories, Mass Media, and Strategic Communication.

  • Christian Reed Seiter

    Christian Reed Seiter

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Christian’s research interests include end-of-life healthcare communication, patient-provider relationships, and using theatre to teach clinical empathy skills to healthcare providers.

  • Josephine Sherwood

    Josephine Sherwood

    Graduate Lecturer

    Strategic communication, pop culture, public relations

  • Lucy Snell

    Lucy Snell

    Graduate Lecturer

  • Syahgena Ardhila St. Onge

    Syahgena Ardhila St. Onge

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Health communication, reproductive health, media studies, gender and development, migration, Islamic world, Southeast Asia

  • Briana M. Stewart

    Briana M. Stewart

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Marissa M Strang

    Marissa M Strang

    Graduate Professional Assistant

    Social Media Communication, Strategic Communication, Public Relations


  • Shannon M Taylor

    Shannon M Taylor

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Health Communication, Health Misinformation, Interpersonal Communication, Family Communication

  • Jason O Thomas

    Jason O Thomas

    Graduate Lecturer

  • Sammi Tuckerman

    Sammi Tuckerman

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Science Communication, Climate Change Communication, Communication Education, Instructional Communication



  • Jeff Vomund

    Jeff Vomund

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Students' Perception of Classroom Empathy; Student Perceptions in general; Motivation