Orientation Information

We are so happy that you have chosen, or are thinking about, Communication as your major! There are several links below that will help you learn more about the major, the concentrations within the major, the minors, the study abroad opportunities, and general education (Mason Core) information.

In order make your transition smooth, please make an advising appointment using this link:  https://communication.acuityscheduling.com/ An advisor will review your degree evaluation and will send an email to you with recommendations for course selections. 

In your appointment notes, please include information such as:

  1. All the AP or CLEP credits you have earned along with all college courses you have taken. This is important because Mason might not have had the opportunity to upload this information. Without this information, an advisor will not be able to tell you what you should register for.
  2. What concentration you would like to declare. This is important so an advisor can recommend appropriate classes.
  3. Any questions specific to your academic journey, as an advisor will not be able to discuss this with you during the Synchronous portion of the Orientation experience.

During the Synchronous portion of your Orientation experience, an advisor will go over the information below briefly, so please review these links prior to that time.  Again, please note that during the Synchronous portion of the Orientation, the advisor will not be able to answer individual questions because of FERPA (a law that requires privacy between advisor and student). Questions should be included in your initial advising appointment request. 

For a take on what you can do with a Communication degree, please listen to this 1930-esque audio file by Jordan Latham.  Gumshoe Talk COMM This radio story by the Department of Communication graduate won a Student Award in 2019.             

Again, welcome to the
Department of Communication
at George Mason!