The Communication Department at George Mason University encourages and supports students who wish to complete an internship in a range of communication positions. Internships offer students opportunities to gain valuable work experience, earn academic credit, and help obtain the tools needed to enter the professional world. Internships offer students the bridge to the workforce.

The Department’s Internship Program is a supervised activity where communication majors spend approximately ten hours each week working at a sponsored off campus organization. The program is designed for students whose related course work has demonstrated their potential for professional success. Interns perform communication related supervised work for the organization, and in turn, obtain experience and insights into actual work environments. 

The Washington, D.C. region abounds with internship opportunities. Mason students are highly regarded by the area employers. Student internships provide a range of jobs and responsibilities. Some of the typical internships include conducting communication analysis and research, developing presentations, assisting in speakers bureaus and working both behind the scenes and on camera and on radio. They write brochures, press releases, marketing plans and a range of other publications. 

Typically interns are assigned to public relations departments, corporate communication departments, personnel and human recourses offices and web page activities. Interns work in both large corporations as well as small companies. Past and present internships include: all national and local radio and television broadcast facilities, newspapers, magazines and other media, national and local government headquarters, industry corporate headquarters, associations, public relations companies, the U.S Congress, military organizations, the White House and many other related government organizations. For more information, view a list of past and present Internship Organizations

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