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Study Abroad with #MasonCOMM!

world map planOne of the most exciting ways to expand, complement, and bring your education to life is through study abroad.  Don't let the cost of a program scare you away from doing one, as you can use financial aid and apply for scholarships.

There are currently four programs run by Communication professors who not only have a love for their area(s) of interest, but they also have a love of travel!  

We encourage you to talk with your academic advisor to learn how a program might fit into your graduation plan!

You may also contact the GEO Program Administrator, Jessica Ostrowski-Wright at for information on any of these programs.

Paris, France:
Intercultural Communication for Organizational Contexts in Paris


This 3-credit trip can earn you credit toward your Interpersonal/Organizational Communication Concentration with COMM 307, or it can count as a Communication elective course.  

This program usually runs during January and participants are back before classes begin. 

Led by Dr. Esther Yook (retired COMM professor), this program has been enjoyed by dozens of students over the past several years.  

Milan, Italy:
Italian Media, Culture, & Society

Milan, ItalyThis 6-credit trip is one of the department's and GEO's longest running programs. This program offers a variety of credits, appealing to students both in and outside of COMM.

Media Production & Criticism students can earn 6 credits toward their concentration elective coursework.

Political Communication students can earn 3 credits toward their concentration and 3 credits toward their COMM electives.

The remaining concentrations can earn 6 credits toward their COMM electives.  All this, while eating pizza, pasta, and gelato!

Led by Dr. Catherine Wright, this program has taken almost 200 students every July to Italy since 2008.

Please view her website for more information or email her at

*This program has a scholarship associated with it.  A former student passed away after graduation and her parents have offered a scholarship to help students with a passion for study abroad make their dreams come true.  


London, England
Global Public Relations in London

englandThis 3-credit program can earn you credit toward your Public Relations concentration with COMM 392, or it can count as a Communication elective course. Interested students should first take COMM 204:  Introduction to PR

This is the longest running program, having been started by Prof Mike Dickerson in the early 2000s.  Since retired, other faculty have taken up the reigns of this amazing opportunity and cannot wait to show you what awaits!

This program usually runs during January and participants are back before classes begin. 


Propaganda in Nazi Germany

germanyIn June 2023, Dr. Catherine Wright hopes to take participants who are interested in history, persuasion, propaganda, and politics to three major German cities:  Munich, Nuremberg, and Berlin.  

In each city, participants will be immersed in the study of propaganda and the effects it had on global politics.  You will take guided tours around historical sites and will visit a concentration camp.  

For more information, please email Dr. Wright at

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