Research Projects

FDA Cessation Campaign Effectiveness Project: This project investigates the relationships among visual attention, cognitive and affective message responses, and different cessation-related outcomes including readiness to quit, intention to quit, and intention to seek further information. An experiment was designed with four different ads from the ongoing Every Try Counts (ETC) campaign as message stimuli. The study recruited adult smokers as target participants, and their eye gaze patterns were captured by the eye tracker to understand visual attention patterns and also predict message responses and cessation-related behavioral intentions.

HPV Social Media Misinformation Project: This line of research comprises of a series of experimental studies conducted in the lab with eye tracking technology. The first study uses inoculation theory to design different misinformation correction messages and tests their effectiveness in the context of HPV vaccination on Twitter. Another project uses communication theories such as framing and exemplification to design HPV misinformation correction messages on Facebook.   

Climate Change Health Impact Project: This project examines individuals’ visual attention patterns to a series of messages regarding negative consequences of climate change on public health with eye tracking technology. Message stimuli include informational posters about health impacts of extreme weather events, droughts, mosquitos and ticks, and mental health challenges.  

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