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Is 2020 that bad? A Historical Look at Character Assassination and the US Presidency

Perspectives on Character Assassination

The Institute of World Politics, Washingon, DC, April, 13, 2018

Charles Street Chats with Jennifer Keohane

The Evolution of Character Assassination

Democratizing Character Assassination

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The official podcast of George Mason University's Character Assassination and Reputation Politics Research Lab. Every year, we bring on new guests to explore the science of scandal and how individuals and organizations can protect themselves against attack. This podcast has been created and produced by Deirdre Janne Prigge, CARP Media Outreach Manager.

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Fake News, Real Money: How the Adtech Industry Monetizes Misinformation with Joshua Braun

The Delusion of Power: A Critical Media Literacy Education with Nolan Higdon 

The Revolt of the Public and the Crisis of Reputation with Martin Gurri

The Power (and Pain) of Silence with Kipling D. Williams 

 Political Communications 101 with Sarah Isgur 

Villains or Minions? An Interview with Social Protest Researcher James Jasper 

What is Glass Jaw? With Eric Dezenhall, Crisis Management Expert 

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