Wendy Balazik Communication and Social Change Award Communication

2021 Awardee

Xavier  Clark

Xavier Clark

Communication PhD

Being extended the Wendy Balazik Communication and Social Change Award is such a humbling and introspective experience. Wendy's story truly touches me to my core, as I am someone that continuously is on the move but does not take enough time to reflect on the "living" that I am doing. This award is much more than that 'an award' but rather a pledge. Upon accepting this award, I am vowing to myself as a scholar, professional, and individual from this day forth to "get busy living". In a similar vein, being a communication student has benefited me in monumental ways to understand that I can make scholarship have living implications on people's lives and the systems around me. Without this discipline and the scholars, I learn from daily, I would not communicate the need for social change in the manner I do. The Communication Department at George Mason University (GMU) is not just a program I am a part of but rather–––a journey of selfless excellence I embark on everyday as a scholar.