Information for Graduate Students


The Department of Communication at George Mason University offers many avenues for students interested in a graduate program. 

PhD in Communication

The doctoral program in communication focuses on health and strategic communication. It prepares students for increasingly complex public and private communication environments. Students receive a strong theoretical and multi-methodological foundation, which enables them to examine the critical role communication performs in health promotion, disease prevention, quality of care, risk assessment, and crisis management. Students may also emphasize science communication in conjunction with either of these areas of focus.


MA in Communication

The master of arts program in communication has three major areas of emphasis: strategic communication/public relations, health communication, and science communication. Through their coursework, students in this program examine the powerful role played by communication practices in contemporary society. They are prepared to be practitioners in the community or to go on to advanced graduate studies in communication.


Graduate Certificate in Science Communication

This certificate is designed for graduate students with or without an academic communication background to upgrade their knowledge of the field. It is geared to meet the needs of both communication professionals and science professionals who want to emphasize science communication work in their future careers.