About the MA Program

About the program 

Funding Opportunities for MA Students

There are opportunities for MA students to teach lab sections of COMM 101: Interpersonal and Group Interaction and to work in the new Communication Center.  While these positions do not come with tuition, they will come with a semester stipend (teaching) or hourly wage (communication center).  Students who are admitted to the MA program in communication may apply for these positions by submitting the following materials to the Basic Course Director, Dr. Melissa Broeckelman-Post:

  • Cover letter that discusses your interest in teaching and working in the communication center, along with any relevant experiences that have helped to prepare you for these roles
  • Current CV or resume
  • A copy of your transcripts for your most recent degree and the degree that you are currently pursuing, if applicable (unofficial transcripts are fine)
  • Contact information (email and phone) for three references

All materials should be submitted via email to bcd@gmu.edu as a single pdf file by midnight on April 1, 2021.


Employment on Campus 

Full-time and part-time employees at George Mason are eligible for partial tuition exemption as a benefit of employment (see below). Students are not on assistantships are also eligible to apply for wage positions at the university. These positions offer the benefit of allowing the student to work and pursue study at the same location, but do not carry tuition benefits. For more information, see to the Student Wage section of the Human Resources web site and visit https://careers.gmu.edu/handshake