PhD in Communication

The 60-credit (post M.A.) doctoral program in communication focuses on health and strategic communication. It prepares students for increasingly complex public and private communication environments. Students receive a strong theoretical and multi-methodological foundation which enables them to examine the critical role communication performs in health promotion, disease prevention, quality of care, risk assessment, and crisis management.

Faculty and students conduct important research concerning consumer-provider relationships, risk communication, crisis management, organizational communication, media systems, health campaigns, new information technologies, communication policy, media advocacy, and health communication interventions.

The courses explore important communication issues such as communicating complex information, influencing health behaviors, disparities in health outcomes, the digital divide, public advocacy, intercultural sensitivity, media literacy, homeland security, and social support. We support a broad array of theories and methodologies, while examining a range of important health, crisis and risk contexts. We welcome students in the beginning stages of their careers as well as those who are more established.