Career Forum Members

Committee Members 2023-2024

Jane Barwis

President and CEO

BRG Communications


Katherine Boettrich

Senior Communications Executive

Boettrich Strategies, LLC


Christopher R. Brewster

Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP


Andrew Cuneo

Senior Manager, Corporate Communications



Carolyn Cuppernull

Senior Director, Business Operations

Telestat Government Solutions


Patrick Delaney

Director, Federal Government Affairs



Gavin Gibbons, Vice Chair

Vice President, Communications 

National Fisheries Institute


Tonya Klause

Marketing & Communications Director

Microsoft Federal


Clay McConnell

Sr. VP of Marketing and Corporate Communications



Suzanne Mims

Marketing Director/Adjunct Professor at George Mason University

Sickels, Frei & Mims LLP


Julie Litzenberger Murphy, Chair


Sage Communications, LLC

Rana Novack

Communications Leader

Founder and Program Manager

Global Volunteer Corps for Refugees and CiC, IBM


Dan Rene

Managing Director



Marcella Robertson




Danny Selnick

Communications Board Member

Board of Governors, National Press Club


Chad Tragakis

Director, Communications

Northrop Grumman Corporation


Crystal Yauch

Director of Bids & Proposals

IntelliDyne, LLC


Department of Communication Faculty IC Members 2023-2024:

Sergei Salmoilenko

Pratiti Diddi

Barbara Burfeind

Brenna Maloney

Susan Tomasovic

Tim Gibson

Kim Meltzer