Minor in Political Communication (CHSS)

The interdisciplinary minor in political communication is offered jointly by the Schar School of Policy and Government and the Department of Communication. This minor is available to all Mason undergraduate students with the exception of communication majors pursuing a concentration in political communication.

Political communication explores the interaction among members of the public, the media, advocacy groups, and politicians in a democratic society. This minor uses a diverse approach to questions of how mass and interpersonal communication influence democratic functioning, including (1) how political actors use strategic messaging to persuade and mobilize the public, (2) how citizens make sense of these messages and their impact on engagement, deliberation, efficacy, knowledge, and participation, and (3) the role of the mass media in facilitating or hindering this relationship. Political communication includes explicitly political activities like voting and political campaigns. It also encompasses any issue of public debate or deliberation, including culture and social movements.


All students have opportunities for research, global-engagement, public service, and career preparation. As a communication major you can:

  • Apply to the communication honors program and work closely with a professor on a research project of your own. Read more >>
  • Earn communication credit while studying abroad with Mason’s Center for Global Education.
  • Gain practical experience with a student media organization such as Fourth Estate (the student newspaper) or WGMU (the student radio station).
  • Develop speaking skills through the Debate or Forensics teams.
  • Learn valuable job skils by interning at major media outlets, government agencies, and private corporations (organizations such as the NBC Today Show, ABC News, ESPN Radio, or USA Today). Read more >>


Politics And Policy