Maybe I Wasn’t So Crazy After All: Affirmation Through Workplace Television For Women. A Grounded Theory Expansion Of CCO And Institutional Positioning

Lane M. Schwager

Advisor: Anne M. Nicotera, PhD, Department of Communication

Committee Members: Richard Craig, Timothy Gibson

Horizon Hall, #5225
April 26, 2023, 12:30 PM to 02:30 PM


In CCO scholarship the concept of institutional positioning is considered from an institution to institution level, overlooking the contributions of individuals within those institutions. As a result, necessary conceptual expansion has halted. The purpose of this constructivist grounded theory dissertation, was to explore how the representations of working women on television have been interpreted by women and how those interpretations could expand CCO theory and the concept of institutional positioning to consider how individuals interact with the institutional environment through media consumption. Through seven themes, unrealistic expectations; structures that perpetuate silence; casual sexism; support between women; confident, unapologetic women; small-scale risks, and; realism in workplace television, a grounded theory of workplace affirmation through television was proposed. As a result, this study proposes a potential pathway to reconceptualize how CCO theorists have considered the environment that surrounds organizations and effects organizational communication by including the role of individual positioning and the permeable boundaries of organizations.