Department of Communication Outstanding Undergraduate Alumnus of the Year Award Communication

2021 Awardees

Kitty Lyon Gambel

Kitty Lyon Gambel

I'm the Senior Vice President of Alternative Television at MGM Studios, and former proud GMU Communication alum. My current role at MGM Studios encompasses development and sales of new unscripted TV formats, as well as podcasts and documentaries. I'm a two-time Emmy nominee, and most recently, named one of Variety Magazine's "New Leaders of 2020,"

I had many great professors during my time at GMU who nurtured my career aspirations and pushed me to apply for various internships and study abroad opportunities (which included NBC in London, MTV in New York, and a comms trip to Tahiti), and I pay that forward as a volunteer mentor here at MGM, and within the Producers Guild of America (PGA) and the Hollywood Radio and TV Society (HRTS).

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