Mason Communication student Brandyn Fragosa featured on FOX 5's DMV Zone

Fragosa made his television debut on FOX 5's DMV Zone new segment called "Campus Corner"

by Megan Edmondson & Brandyn Fragosa

Mason Communication student Brandyn Fragosa featured on FOX 5's DMV Zone
Brandyn Fragosa (left) with Washington D.C. Fox5's Co-Host Joe Clair (right)

Mason Communication senior and Journalism concentration, Brandyn Fragosa, recently made his television debut on Washington D.C. FOX 5's DMV Zone new segment called "Campus Corner". Brandyn's Journalism concentration professor/advisor, Professor Brenna Maloney, helped encourage Brandyn to connect with the local news station and make his debut! He plugged the Mason Communication Ambassadors, Mason Cable Network, Brandyn's segment was also featured on GMU's College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) social media pages and garnered momentous praise!

Reflecting on his amazing experience, Brandyn said, "Having the opportunity to share what I’ve been working on FOX 5 was amazing! Initially, I felt anxious about everything being filmed live on national television, but as the segment progressed, I slowly got comfortable. I spoke about the organizations I am a part of and the projects I’ve been working on. They even had me introduce another segment and interview one of their guests! After my time was up, I left the studio feeling accomplished, knowing I had seized an opportunity only a few can say they've done. This interview was a defining moment in my journalism career and further solidified my desire to become an anchor. Being in a newsroom, seeing what happens within one, and being a part of the show was a surreal but exciting experience I am so thankful for and will never forget." 

The Department of Communication faculty, staff, and especially the Undergraduate Program team, are extremely proud of Brandyn's accomplishments and are so excited to see what he will do next in his blossoming journalism career!


Watch the full segment on FOX 5:

"FOX 5's DMV Zone Catches Up With George Mason University Student"