Mason Communication grad students tour museums in Washington D.C.

Mason Communication grad students visit D.C. museums!

by Naessiambia Eab-aggrey

In the second week of our COMM 700 class, we read an article by Alison Landsberg about Post-Postracial America: On Westworld and the Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture. This reading inspired us (Ph.D. first-year students) to visit the African-American Museum of History and Culture. We (Naessiamba, Wan Lun, Aaron and Narges) had a wonderful time. Coming from different backgrounds (Ghana, Taiwan, Afghanistan and the US) made us appreciate this visit in varying ways; we enjoyed the African-American journey and how it impacted us personally. We also visited the National Gallery of Art – Sculpture Garden in DC. 

Images provided by Naessiambia Eab-aggrey.