#MasonCOMM Summer Intern of the Week

The Mason COMM Intern of the Week is Mia Simmons

#MasonCOMM Summer Intern of the Week

Mia Simmons is a junior communication major with a concentration in media production and criticism, and a minor in marketing. She interns at George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate located in Mount Vernon, Virginia. Since 1858, the estate has been owned and maintained by the Mount Vernon Ladies Association of the Union, a private non-profit organization.  Mount Vernon is the most visited historic home in America.  Estate exhibits include the mansion, tomb, farm, and Gristmill & Distillery.  Mia is a historical interpreter in the Historic Trades program.  She is immersed in 18th-century history, agriculture, and industry and even dresses in 18th century clothing.  Some of her tasks include:

·         present historical information to visitors of all ages about farm locations,

·         interact professionally with diverse visitors from the U.S. and world,

·         provide visitors with accurate, interesting and pertinent historical information,

·         assist with 18th-century cooking demonstrations,

·         participate in department-sponsored field trips to other historic sites, and

·         complete a research project focused on George Washington.

As Mia deepens her historical knowledge, this excellent internship at Mount Vernon has allowed her to enhance and refine her skills in the areas of public presentations, interpersonal communication, and intercultural communication.