#MasonCOMM Summer Intern of the Week

#MasonCOMM Summer Intern of the Week

Ximena Espinoza-Perez is a GMU junior communication major concentrating in journalism and minoring in linguistics. She interns at the Chesapeake location of Saga Communications radio stations: FM99WNOR and 106.9 THE FOX, that provide listeners with multiple endorsements, sponsorships, commercials, giveaways, and much more. They are one of the most listened to classical rock radio stations in the Hampton Roads area and have a solid fan base from across the country. Ximena’s immediate supervisors are the marketing director, promotions director, and the interactive creative director. Assigned tasks give Ximena the opportunity to learn about the glamorous and “not so glamorous” aspects of the radio world. She has a solid knowledge base from her communication coursework and having worked at WGMU radio. Tasks include:

·        Editing photos from events and/or photoshoots

·        Assisting in promotional and sales meetings

·        Editing commercials and video promotion for radio pageant “Rock Girl”

·        Performing reception tasks

·        Working with spreadsheets on giveaways and a database

·        Attending events to promote giveaways and represent both stations.

With each diverse task, Ximena better understands the professionalism, formality, and complexity of working at a radio station. The internship has given her the opportunity to learn more about her passion as a comm major, learn new professional practices and be part of an office environment, which will help her pursue a full-time position after college graduation.