#MasonCOMM Intern of the Week

Madison Schmidt is the #MasonCOMM Intern of the Week

#MasonCOMM Intern of the Week

Madison Schmidt is a junior communication major with a concentration in political communication and a minor in international and comparative studies. She interns remotely for the Mama Dani Centre, Iringa, Tanzania. It is a nonprofit organization advocating for children’s rights. They provide educational resources in a healthy environment, which includes children having shelter, food, and participating in recreational activities such as dance, soccer, and volleyball. Madison interns for the director and the focus is on a fundamental increase and development of creating and establishing an interactive environment within the industry of nonprofit organizations.


Some of Madison’s tasks include:

·        creating content such as graphics, stories and posts,

·        writing comments for social media,

·        interacting with other nonprofit organizations as a partner and liaison of the organization,

·        recommending viewpoints and new perspectives for social image, and

·        constructing literature to further develop company fundraising, grant support, and donations.


This internship has helped Madison gain experience and develop a new set of professional skills. She has learned the importance of interactions and various online forms of communication between individual stakeholders and organizations, such as nonprofits for fundraising, advocacy, and digital marketing. Madison is excited about and committed to her journey down this potential career path.