#MasonCOMM Intern of the Week

Francisco Ochoa is the #MasonCOMM Intern of the Week

#MasonCOMM Intern of the Week

Francisco Ochoa is a senior communication major with a concentration in journalism. He is a spring 2023 intern at SKDKnickerbocker, and works at the Washington D.C. office. SKDKnickerbocker is a public affairs and political consulting firm. They specialize in working with democratic party politicians and have received 10 Pollie awards from the American Association of Political Consultants. The fast-paced office setting and informational workload in media management, public relations, and marketing have helped Francisco gain experience and forge his skillset.  





Some of his tasks include:

  •         creating press lists for public relations trade opportunities,
  •         researching current news that is related to the client’s scope of business,
  •        assisting in the opinion-editorial process,
  •         assisting in the weekly consulting meetings,
  •         organizing internal and external meeting reports, and
  •     drafting social media content for various clients’ Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, including the SKDKnickerbocker firm.

Throughout his internship, Francisco will be soaking up the ins and outs of public affairs and political consulting to apply them toward a full-time job upon graduation in Fall 2023.  He will also be using his experience to accelerate his passion project: Leche Magazine which was established in 2021.  Francisco’s favorite quote is, “For y’all, the sky is the limit, for us, the sky is just what we stand on.” – Tyler, The Creator