2015 Honors in Communication

  • The Effects of Visual Framing in the Media on Audience Perceptions By Amy Rose
  • Color Me Beautiful: Examining Colorism in African American Television Shows By Ariel Porter
  • Online anonymity in social media: Exploring the potential threats of Yik Yak on college students By Christina Gabriele
  • The Impacts of Instructor Immediacy on Student-Veterans’ Affective and Cognitive Learning Outcomes By Eric J. Backus
  • The Portrayal of Strong Female Characters on Television: A Change in Tropes over Time, By Theresa Novak
    Framing Sexual Assault in Gendered Magazines By Hannah Menchhoff
  • Fashion Bloggers & How They Become Successful: A Content Analysis of the Impression Management Strategies Used By Top Fashion Bloggers By Kaitlyn Reitz
  • Relational Dissolution: Can It Take a Knapp? By Karla Ponciano
  • Stay with me, and off of Facebook: How heightened Facebook use prompts uncertainty within intimate college relationships By Logan M. Rice
  • Nonsmokers and Their Perceptions on Electronic Cigarettes By Linh Huynh
  • Be My Friend: How Facebook Feedback Relates to Social Connectedness By Oscar Cordova
  • The Tale of Two Media: Portrayals of Middle Eastern Women during the Arab Spring By Rawan Elbaba
  • The Effects of Coaches' Communication Characteristics on Individual Athlete Performance By Kelly Pizzingrilli
  • Classroom Interaction with International Students and its Effect on Students’ Intercultural Sensitivity By Saira Sohail
  • Academy Award Campaigns: Is there a relationship between Academy Award campaigns and Academy members’ decision of a nominated performance? By Sean Cummings