Honors Student Spotlight: Lear Researches Cancel Culture

Honors Student Spotlight:  Lear Researches Cancel Culture

#MasonCOMM is happy to share the research that our COMM Honors students are currently working on in COMM 491.

Jordan Lear’s research is about cancel culture and content consumption and she will be presenting it at NCUR this year.

Borrowing from cognitive dissonance theory, Jordan's project seeks to answer the question: What are the justifications behind consumption of content from canceled celebrities? A between subject experiment is proposed to examine how participants react to celebrity scandals of varying degrees. The findings of this research will shed light on the cognitive dissonance created within people when they have to decide whether or not to justify their behavior in continuing their support, or “cancel” their favorite celebrity.

COMM 490/491 is a two-semester sequence designed to take your education to the next level by offering one-on-one guidance as you engage in research. In this class, you will fulfill your COMM 400 requirement, will learn how to perform research from an expert, and will have the edge over other students in your graduating class when applying for jobs or graduate school.

To learn more about our Honors sequence, you can attend our upcoming info session. To learn more, check out the following link: https://communication.gmu.edu/events/12028