Crystal Cardoza Student Spotlight: 4/7/21

by Crystal Cardoza

Crystal Cardoza Student Spotlight:  4/7/21

Student Spotlight: Crystal Cardoza

Where are you from?
I am from Fairfax Virginia.

Fun fact about you:
I am an undergraduate teacher's assistant for Dr. Megan Tucker's COMM 301 Relational Communication Theory course, and a private tutor for children.

Interpersonal & Organizational Communication

Favorite course or professor and why:
My favorite course is Children and The Media, COMM 367, because it was very interesting learning about the impact media has on children and the psychological effect behind it as well.

Career / grad school goals?
I plan to attend graduate school and pursue a career in Speech Language Pathology.

Why did you choose MasonCOMM?
I chose MasonCOMM because this degree offers a path for many different job opportunities. This field also provides many skills that will be used in my everyday life.

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