COMM Virtual Intern of the Week (11/24/2020)

Tyler Cappiello

COMM Virtual Intern of the Week (11/24/2020)

Tyler Cappiello is a Senior Communication major with a concentration in Media Production and Criticism, and a minor in Sports Communication.  He interns for I9 Sports in Fairfax, Virginia.  In 2018, I9 became an Aspen Institute Project Play Champion.  Tyler’s immediate supervisor is the program director. The various assigned projects allow him to expand knowledge in the field of sports communication and apply what he has learned from his Mason courses in media production.  Some of Tyler’s tasks are:

-  building a social media presence for the company,

-  creating content to be used on different platforms,

-  researching equipment and platforms,

-  brain-storming and planning future events.

Each task allows Tyler to build skills.  The experience has also allowed him to apply learning from his GMU course work to complete tasks. Tyler understands the value of the internship at I9 Sports. Tyler believes it has helped him prepare for entering the professional work environment upon graduation.