COMM Virtual Intern of the Week (11/13/2020)

Valerie Preactor

COMM Virtual Intern of the Week (11/13/2020)

Valerie Preactor is a senior Communication major with a double concentration in Journalism and Media production and Criticism. She interns at Sage Communications, is located in Mclean, Virginia.  Sage Communications offers worldwide advertising, public relations, strategic marketing services, and serves companies in the government, non-profits, healthcare and arts organizations. Her supervisor is the vice president. Valerie also assists with outreach and research. Valerie helps with various projects that allow her to expand her virtual marketing knowledge and keep clients working during a pandemic.  These projects include:

-  Contacting local school teachers and staff and engage in county zoom listening sessions;

-  Organizing boxes of products for people across the world participating in the virtual 5k race for women;

-  Coding and translating zoom sessions for clients;

-  Collecting donor information for FIFA 2026 campaign for D.C. to host the World Cup.

This internship helps Valerie better understand the professional work environment and how to work with a team to accomplish marketing goals for big corporations. Working at Sage has been an excellent networking opportunity because she is in contact with a larger community of communication specialists.