COMM Virtual Intern of the Week (11/08/2020)

Anne Marie Frankfurt

COMM Virtual Intern of the Week  (11/08/2020)

Ann Marie Frankfurt is a senior communication major with a concentration in interpersonal and organizational. Her minor is health communication.  She currently interns at the Concourse Realtor Group, a consulting firm who is committed to improving real estate. Their clients are federal, state, and local governments; universities and colleges; and housing authorities who are driven in the face of declining budgets. Ann Marie’s immediate supervisor is the chief operating officer. The assigned projects allow her to apply learning from Mason courses and to further develop her interpersonal, organizational and marketing skills. Some of her tasks include:

- creating social media calendars,

- innovating ways to improve the Concourse website,

- interacting and assisting with Concourse clients,

- assist with social media posts, and

- participate and provide my input for our projects during team meetings.

With each task, Ann Marie better understands working in the professional field of marketing. This opportunity and learning new professional skills will assist finding full time employment after graduation.