COMM Virtual Intern of the Week (10/30/2020)

Genna Walnut

COMM Virtual Intern of the Week (10/30/2020)

Genna Walnut is a senior communication major with a concentration in public relations. She is interns at Truro Anglican Church in Fairfax, which is part of the Diocese of the Mid Atlantic and was founded under the name Zion Church in 1845. Genna’s supervisor is the director of communication, and the internship allows her to learn the function of communication within a small organization. She is also learning skills required to sustain such an organization, which include:

-  managing, editing, and updating the company website,

-  updating all events and information,

-  creating and organizing social media posts for the company accounts,

-  editing weekly emails sent to members, and

-  working with staff to organize weekly service outlines and guides.

These various tasks and projects have provided Genna with the opportunity to combine her creative skills and problem-solving skills in the field of communication as well as teaching her the importance of communication in the context of a private organization. She will put these to good use upon graduation.