COMM Virtual Intern of the Week (8/11/2020)

Meet the COMM Virtual Intern of the Week, Maia Perry

COMM Virtual Intern of the Week (8/11/2020)

Maia Perry is a senior communication major with a public relations concentration.  She interns this summer as a social media strategist and personal assistant to lifestyle social media influencer, Mikayla Shocks, whose customized clothing and jewelry brand, SOL SISTER. SOL SISTER was founded in 2020.  It was inspired by her two daughters described as the sun and moon of her life. SOL SISTER is well known for their authentic and transparent inclusive brand, and GOLDEN jewelry collection.  Some of Maia’s tasks include: 


-  developing informative content for the SOL SISTER Instagram platform, such as virtual

   discussions, educational resources in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and

   engaging content for the followers; 

-  posting content and answering direct messages;

-  organizing timelines to ensure all sponsorships are complete and posted;

-  coordinating with the influencer digital marketing management team in California about

   sponsorships and campaigns; and

-  operating occasionally as the direct point of contact for photoshoots and future launches.


With each task, Maia better understands the responsibility of managing brands pertaining to social media.  She is gaining a wide variety of knowledge and skills in the digital marketing industry, and a more exclusive insight into the influencer marketing industry. This internship will assist with various employment and entrepreneurship opportunities upon graduation.