Virtual COMM Intern of the Week (4/24/2020)

Virtual COMM Intern of the Week (4/24/2020)

Nathan Crawford is a senior, communication major with a double concentration in journalism and media production. He interned at the GMU Office of Integrated Enrollment Marketing as a social media marketing intern. They serve as the marketing team working with Admissions and Financial Aid. Nathan’s immediate supervisor is the marketing coordinator, who happens to be a graduate of the Mason Communication Department. The internship assisted Nathan with a better understanding of how new forms of marketing, including social media, intertwine with more traditional forms of marketing. Some of his tasks include to:

- Create consistent and meaningful content including writing, editing, and scheduling content,

- Design graphics for multi-platform publication, - moderate all user-generated content in accepted student digital communities, and

- Attend GMU Admissions’ events to cover across multiple platforms.

With each assignment, Nathan enhances his understanding of a marketing office, develops his multi-platform marketing skills, and learns more about social media analytics. This internship will assist Nathan with valuable employment skills after he completes his undergraduate studies at Mason.