Virtual COMM Intern of the Week (4/17/2020)

Virtual COMM Intern of the Week (4/17/2020)

Carmen Pickard is a GMU senior communication major with a double concentrations in public relations and media criticism. She interns at The Side-Out Foundation, Fairfax, Virginia, as a marketing and communications assistant. The organization focuses on funding and research for stage IV breast cancer. Through youth education and empowerment, The Side-Out Foundation unifies the volleyball community to drive change in the way that breast cancer is treated.  Carmen’s immediate supervisor is the director of marketing and merchandise. Her projects include several creative media platforms such as Adobe and Canva, which allow her to apply course knowledge into the projects. Some tasks include:  

-   create marketing ads, such as, Facebook ads that generate engagement or conversions,

-   use Photoshop & Illustrator to create images for Instagram, YouTube banners and thumbnails,

-   using Adobe premiere for basic effects and organizing footage,

-   create small animation or gifs – such as small movements of icons and logos,

-   improve video planning and selection to include video and sound clips to make interesting content.

Each task allows Carmen to apply public relations, media, and previous marketing research experience.

She enjoys the internship as a creative outlet and knows that she helps raise money that directly effects someone’s life.  This internship develops valuable skills for future employment, which will hopefully include more non-profit work.