COMM Virtual Intern of the Week (4/10/2020)

COMM Virtual Intern of the Week (4/10/2020)

Adia McLaughlin is a senior, double major in communication and government and international politics.  Her concentration is journalism, and she was a spring 2020 intern at C-SPAN's Washington D.C. headquarters in the marketing department. C-SPAN is the only top 5 non-partisan media company who does not receive any government funding. Adia's immediate supervisor was the marketing director of the C-SPAN bus in the community. The projects assigned to Adia allowed her to explore the networking and strategy of marketing especially in the media world, while getting to travel with the bus team as a C-SPAN representative. Some of Adia's tasks were:

-  research and curate information about government officials in the area of the bus's destination,

   including governor, senators, US house representatives, and state offices,

-  assist representatives with data collection and their caucuses,

-  update twitter and keep up with social media challenges appropriate for C-SPAN bus


-  help craft questions for constituents for upcoming trips, and

-  contact media liaisons to update them about C-SPAN's online resources.

With each task assigned, Adia was able to gain a new understanding of the backside of media relations, deepening her interests in political journalism. She enjoyed the work with her team as part of the bus in action. The internship was perfect to strengthen her post-graduation future in political media.73