COMM Summer Intern of the Week

COMM Summer Intern of the Week
Pictured: COMM senior Grace Synder

Grace Snyder is a senior communication major, with a concentration in media and production. This summer 2019, she interns at Arlington Independent Media (AIM), a company that brings together independent voices to exchange ideas, opinions, and artistic expressions through radio and visual media. AIM helps educate individuals in learning how to create their own programs, and provides classes to those who wish to learn more about production media. Robert Winship, a GMU alum, is her supervisor.  He teaches production classes, and hosts the show “Death in the City,” on WERA 96.7.  Grace learns new skills every week.  Some of her tasks include:

- Programming playlists for the radio throughout the week for pre-recorded shows

- Updating music playlists on the AIM website

- Helping create spreadsheets regarding shows and classes

- Assisting with phone calls to sponsors and other deskwork

- Making promos for the On-Air broadcast in Premier

Grace says, “Some of the major challenges I found working at AIM are learning new tasks. Almost every day there is a new lesson to learn within programming or the office.”  She is passionate about working at AIM, is always busy, and is gaining confidence.  She is thrilled to learn from her supervisor in a fun educational environment.