Most Americans Want to Learn More about Climate Change

by 4C

Through our polling research, we've learned that most Americans rarely read or hear about climate change in the news, or hear people they know talking about it. This lack of public and interpersonal communication about the issue is so prevalent that it is often referred to as a "climate silence." Fortunately, however, we've also learned that most Americans (about 2 out of 3) are interested in learning more about climate change.
We're pleased to announce the "early online release" of a paper that will be published in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. In the paper, we exhort America's meteorologists to help end the climate silence by engaging as climate educators with members of the public. We make the case that: (1) meteorologists are well positioned to play important leadership roles in climate change educational outreach; (2) the public wants to learn more about climate change; (3) there is a need for more public engagement efforts; and (4) there are successful outreach and educational models that meteorologists can start using today.
If interested, you can download the early online release of the article here.